Brands compete on social media to dominate the 4th of July

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As we gear up for the 4th of July thought it was best to share some fun social media insights from Falcon Social, a leading social media management platform. Falcon Social compared the most popular Independence Day grocery items to see which brands campaign is winning the Red, White, and Blue … [Read more...]

The strangest branded content to grace the interwebs

The strangest branded content to grace the interwebs

There is a constant fight in the heart of every serious marketing department these days: 1) The desire to stick to the old marketing techniques of selling with nothing but idealized beauty and empty statistics. 2) The push for edgy, weird, downright strange online content. The people who consume … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Showcase Pages intro for following brands, products

LinkedIn Showcase Pages intro for following brands, products

This is the LinkedIn intro to the new ‘Showcase Pages’ and the reason why the professional social network decided to launch the new feature. The new LinkedIn Showcase Pages will help brands and businesses develop more, it will allow them to increase more targeted content and marketing strategies … [Read more...]

Brands Disseminating Content Focus for Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing continues to attract a lot of attention as the platform grows and among our recent articles on this topic were a new Bounce marketing campaign and also an infographic showing social media marketing by figures. Today we wanted to look at a recent report that suggests that … [Read more...]

Social Media Events Around The Globe: Listing For 2011


The use of social media is on the up and with many new and existing websites to choose from, its a job to know where to start. When we say websites we can narrow it down to popular names such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course the newest addition Google+ and its these very sites that … [Read more...]

Motivate Social Content Sharing in Brand Marketing Campaigns


Here at OSM we often write about the growing use of social media marketing campaigns and how brands utilize and make use of these campaigns. One of the difficulties many companies face is how to encourage social sharing of content by its customers and it’s not just all about the sharing either, … [Read more...]

News of The World and Big Brands Boycott: Public Feeling Strong


The News of the World phone hacking scandal seems to get worse by the minute as it seems we’re being barraged by news of yet more alleged hackings. The first we heard about the hackings concerned celebrities and other notable people, which was bad enough, but true outrage began when it was revealed … [Read more...]

Twitter Amends Direct Messaging: Receive Without Following


Here at OSM you’d expect us to be bringing you all the latest developments of Twitter and today is no exception. It seems that Twitter is amending its direct messaging system and the changes mean that some users will now be able to receive Direct Messages from people they are not actually following … [Read more...]

Brands & Social Media Importance: How Are We Following?


Social media and the way in which it can potentially aid brands in increasing their revenue and customer base, is at long last beginning to get recognised. In the past, we have brought you news about how it can help and also hinder small and large organisations, as well as giving you an insight … [Read more...]

Twitter Paving The Way In Brand Marketing, How?


The use of social media is on the increase particularly with businesses promoting their brands. In the past we have brought you news detailing companies using Facebook, branded names such as Nestle, Sony Ericsson, sporting name HEAD, Kleenex and so on. But have we ever considered how rival Twitter … [Read more...]

Facebook Stream Marketing and Brands: How to Capitalize


Here at OSM we often write about the importance of social media for brands. Recent posts have included a look at how social media has helped some online brands, how Apple has been named the most valuable brand in the world and also how Twitter is considering the use of Facebook-style pages for … [Read more...]

Well Known Online Brands: Social Media Helped But How?


For some time here at OSM, we have spoken about how social media can help or even at times hinder a company and its brand. When we talk about social media, we are in fact looking at how businesses can achieve a greater customer base and sales revenue with the help of online sites such as Facebook. … [Read more...]

Nestle Takes On Social Media With The Help Of “Heidi”


In a world where companies big or small have to compete against one another to advertise their brands, the use of social media plays a big part. Whether its signing up to social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, uploading a video onto viral site YouTube, checking into Foursquare or … [Read more...]

Foursquare New Web Page Makes Brand Following Easy


Location-based Foursquare, popular for its user check-in's and collection of badges and points, has now rolled out a new web page to make life easier for its subscribers. As more and more individuals, small and large organisations are exploring new ways of promoting their brands through social … [Read more...]

14 Simple Social Media Steps for Business: Expose Your Brand


At OSM we often bring you news about infographics as they are a great way of showing information and statistics in an easily-digestible form. Recent examples we’ve given are an iPhone 5 infographic with spec rumors and another about mobile marketing. Today we have news of an infographic that shows … [Read more...]

Facebook Tops 2010’s Most Searched For Brands List


We are all well aware of the strength Facebook has when it comes to social networking and we just thought we would reiterate this with another stat. In 2010 Facebook was the most searched for brand on the entire internet, beating the likes of Amazon, YouTube and eBay. … [Read more...]

Online Sales: Place Your Predictions For 2011 Here


When it comes to online ordering it’s definitely on the increase, you only have to look at the way that different companies and brands are moving towards social media and social networking. You only have to look at the way FCUK and ASOS who are now offering a service of payment within Facebook … [Read more...]

Can Facebook & Twitter Be Used To Save You Money?


When you think about Facebook and Twitter, the first things you might recall are keeping in contact with friends and family, sharing photographs between you and your mates and connecting with the people you want to … [Read more...]

Ebay Beats Apple In Top 50 Brands In Social Media


When we talk about social media brands auction site eBay is not the first thing that normally comes to mind, it would appear that this is not the case as the auction site has just beaten iPhone giant Apple in a league of the top 50 brands in social media. … [Read more...]

Top Motivations for People to Unsubscribe, Unlike or Unfollow Brands


The ever-growing use of brands using social media to promote themselves is becoming more evident and here at OSM we often write about social media marketing. Just some of our recent posts include a look at how to improve customer dialog with company social media and a look at the pros and cons of … [Read more...]

Super Bowl 2011 Ads: Top brands pre-buzz on Twitter


Most of you will no doubt know that today sees the Super Bowl XLV, a major highlight of the sporting calendar. We’ve already brought you many posts on this including our latest posts on a Google Earth 3D tour of the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas where the game of the Steelers vs. Packers will be … [Read more...]

Retailing & Social Media: Facebook still most popular


Here at OSM we’ve reported many times on the growing use of social media marketing and businesses using social media to promote their brands. Recently we’ve reported that some U.K. businesses though, have been slow to use social media, and also about some Facebook Apps to improve business … [Read more...]

Social Media Brands List: Which ranked highest?


It’s no secret that here at OSM that we do like a good infographic and recent ones we’ve told you about include what Twitter in print would look like and Facebook and Twitter numbers compared. Also we recently informed you that many major brands have now reversed their marketing spending towards … [Read more...]

Social games advertising opportunities huge but why?


Here at OSM we’ve been noting the rise in social gaming lately and recently posted articles on marketing misconceptions about social games, the success of big social network game developer Zynga and the release of the CityVille game for Facebook, as a successor to the huge hit social game, … [Read more...]