UK Government Decides Rioters Will NOT Get Social Media Ban


We brought you the news a few days back that the UK government were set for a meeting with Facebook, Twitter and Research In Motion. The issue on the agenda was the part that these company's services played in the recent UK riots. The talks between Home Secretary Theresa May, officials and the … [Read more...]

Facebook & RIM To Meet UK Government: Social Media Outage?


Last week's news was dominated by one story, the UK rioting. Social media also came under the spotlight, being cited as the tool in which the rioters used to organize their crimes. Facebook, Twitter and RIM's IM service BlackBerry Messenger have all been highlighted as aids to the gangs, with some … [Read more...]

Facebook Messenger: Speedy IM App Tops iPhone Free Chart


Yesterday we saw the launch of Facebook's instant messaging app that is aimed at rivaling BlackBerry's BBM service and also Apple's upcoming iMessages feature. The downloading of the app has been rapid and as a result it has topped the chart of free iPhone apps in the App Store. The app has so far … [Read more...]

BlackBerry’s BBM Called For Shutdown: London Rioter’s Best Weapon?


We are all by now well aware and engrossed in the shocking scenes of rioting all over London. Disturbing images of buildings on fire, mobs smashing up shops and young kids looting are dominating all news stations worldwide. My colleague Tim Ollason earlier asked the question if social media was … [Read more...]

Blackberry Messenger Set For Android & IOS?


Many handset manufacturers have their key benefits that encourage users to stay with them, one of the biggest benefits for Blackberry maker RIM is their messenger facility. In recent news it would seem that this popular application is set to hit other platforms like Android and Apple IOS. … [Read more...]

RIM BlackBerry Messenger and social networking traffic

RIM BlackBerry Messenger and social networking

We all know that when it comes to cell phones for business, RIM is king – this is evident with the amount of emails messages sent on a business day. A billion emails does sound like a huge number, but this pales in comparison to BlackBerry Messenger and social networking traffic. … [Read more...]