Twitter 2.0 App For Blackberry Now Available


The popularity of social networking is no doubt on the increase, sites like Facebook and Twitter are sculpting the way in which we go about our daily business, with the integration of these sites people are coming up with more interesting ways to incorporate them into their lives such as tracking … [Read more...]

Official BlackBerry Twitter v1.1 App Update Live


With all the news of leaked BlackBerry models and the PlayBook’s imminent release, one thing that might have slipped under your radar is the BlackBerry World App Store. This is constantly being updated with various apps so that you can get the most out of your BlackBerry device … [Read more...]

BlackBerry Facebook App 2.0: First Thoughts


For many users of Facebook having access to their account on the move is a lifesaver, if you happen to be one of those people and own a Blackberry device then we have some good news for you because, RIM have just launched beta version 2.0 of their Facebook app. … [Read more...]

Foursquare For Blackberry: Beta Updated To v1.9.77


Recently we brought you a post about the Foursquare app update on Apple’s IOS and Android OS, this may have left some Blackberry users a little disheartened as they did not receive an update, it now it appears the Foursquare beta app has been updated to v1.9.77. … [Read more...]

BreakingNews For Blackberry Enters Open Beta


Here at OSM we like to keep you up to date with all the latest apps whether they be for Android, IOS or WP7, our latest offering to you is an app for Blackberry users called BreakingNews which has just entered open Beta and is Available to download now. … [Read more...]

Blackberry Protect Now Available: Lost Phone Assistant


Losing your phone has got to be one of the most stressful parts of owning a mobile device, if you’re a Blackberry owner then RIM have some good news for you, they have recently launched an application called Blackberry Protect which is now available to download. … [Read more...]

Facebook App On BlackBerry Devices: How To Update To v1.9.0.28


When it comes to the BlackBerry and its apps, there have often been criticisms about the lack of numbers in their app store as well as the apps perhaps not being advanced enough. With some of the BlackBerry devices becoming more technologically advanced we are expecting this to change slightly in … [Read more...]

Acer Android 2.2 Liquid Mini & beTouch E210: CES Debut


After last years unveiling of their Liquid Metal smartphone, Acer has used CES as the platform to release two more devices to fall into their smartphone range. While the £300 Liquid Metal didn’t really explode off the shelves, it remains a nicely spec'd handset at a reasonable price. … [Read more...]

BlackBerry’s UberTwitter Now On iPhone


Recently we have brought you some new apps on the iPhone such as the iFeast app for Thanksgiving and also various apps for The Ashes. Well now we are bringing you a new app for the iPhone in the UberTwitter … [Read more...]