Gotham for Netflix and trending Batman 4D roller coaster

Gotham for Netflix and trending Batman 4D roller coaster

Socially connected Netflix is flexing its muscles at the moment with the upcoming prequel Gotham, as soon as the first season finishes on TV the sequel will release. No even one episode has hit the airwaves yet and already Netflix has bagged the rights to stream dram "Gotham." The new drama … [Read more...]

MacBook & iPad (2) Decals: Transformers, Batman and More


We all know just how popular each and every Apple product is, you only have to look at their iPhone smartphone market domination and tablet market where the iPad reigns supreme. Now we have something pretty cool to tell you about and it’s a way to jazz up your MacBooks & iPad (2), use decals. We … [Read more...]

Batman Dark Knight Rises YouTube Campaign: Video Clips


A couple of weeks ago we told readers about the new Batman movie viral campaign and Twitter involvement for The Dark Knight Rises. Today we have more news for you on the final movie of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy as not one, not two, but in fact 4 video teaser clips are now available on YouTube. … [Read more...]