Microsoft Reveals Avatar Kinect, Allows Virtual Online Conversations

Avatar Kinect video chat

Xbox 360 Kinect is Microsoft’s motion detecting camera, which allows users to play videogames without having to use any physical controller. Today at the Consumer Electronics Show Microsoft released a trailer showing off their new Avatar Kinect feature, which allows friends to chat in virtual chat … [Read more...]

SKY 3D: Is it worth it?

Sky 3d

Satellite TV giants Sky are launching their 3D channel for home use on October 1st and I am sure you are wondering like many others, is it really worth it? In the last year we have been up to the eyeballs in 3D technology; at the cinema, with the release of the TV range and now its launch for our … [Read more...]

“Avatar” Sequel To Be Shot 6.8 Miles Underwater


Avatar directed by Titanic producer “James Cameron”, hit our screens in December 2009, with a whooping two billion dollars taken at the box office and to date has won 3 Oscars, 28 other wins and been nominated at least 58 times. News has been announced that Cameron is now hoping to film the next … [Read more...]