WWDC 2011 App: Keep Up With The Latest Updates


We are coming up to one of the biggest tech weeks of the year with both Apple’s WWDC keynote which looks to be concentrating on a software side of things and also E3 where gamers will be expecting to see wonderful new consoles … [Read more...]

Get WhatsApp Messenger For Free For Your iPhone


We have added a few different app reports in recent times, they are normally to do with Angry Birds, a new tool, sometimes a great looking new game like 9mm. We do bring you others but only when they are useful ones like this next one that isn’t new but has a great offer on for it … [Read more...]

Remotely Control Your PC/Mac Using An iPhone 3GS/4 or iPad 2


At OSM we have reported on various apps in the past with the majority of them being either an amazing new game or perhaps something to do with Angry Birds and their latest editions. Now we have something a little bit different that will have techie’s mouths watering. Have you ever wanted to … [Read more...]

Amazon Launches The Mac Downloads Store


Amazon has just released its Mac Downloads Store, which will serve as a natural competitor to Apple's Mac App Store. … [Read more...]

Blockbuster App (Widevine Error): Rooted Device To Blame


It seems nowadays that gadget lovers are looking to try something different with their devices, the road that many choose to go down is rooting. We have brought you news in the past on a number of devices that we have seen this happen to like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Nook Color e-reader. … [Read more...]

Apple iOS App Story Infographic: Over Ten Billion Downloads


Here at OSM we’re constantly bringing you news about Apple and its products such as the iPhone, MacBook Air and iPad. Today’s news though is a little different as it’s about Apple iOS apps. We have a fascinating infographic that shows the story of Apple apps and you may be surprised to know that … [Read more...]

New Android, iPhone & iPad 2 App: GTA Style – 9mm


So far we have seen quite a few apps flying into both the Android Market and the Apple app store such as Angry Birds Rio and a few others that feature in our “10 Best Apple iPad 2 Apps” and also that Android will overtake Apple in terms of the number of apps in their stores … [Read more...]

YouTube Tops Samsung’s TV App Store Downloads Chart


Internet connected TV is on the up, with more people using their boxes to watch on demand shows and video. Samsung's app store for their line of internet TVs has just surpassed 5 million downloads, with Google owned video sharing site YouTube topping the chart for most downloads. … [Read more...]

Infinity Blade Update: Multiplayer & Survival Mode Added


Infinity Blade is one of the games featured on the Apple App Store that when it was released dominated the “top paid” and “top grossing” charts for people’s iPhones and iPods. Around the time of release we reported on how it was the fastest grossing app ever seen on any apple device and also gave … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Rio Update Now Live: Beach Volley Available


Something that we have been reporting on recently is Angry Birds and the new update that has been on the cards for Rio. We first reported that the Rio update was revealed on Facebook and then there was a gameplay YouTube clip that we found and today we have some great news for you … [Read more...]

iOS Facebook Developer Joe Hewitt Has Left The Building


When Apple made the iPhone it looks like their aim was not only to deliver a quality device but to make it timeless by bringing the App Store into the equation. You can have an older iPhone and still take advantage of some really great apps and of course the other manufacturers have followed suit, … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day 2011 iPhone & iPad Apps: Top Gift for Mom


This weekend sees Mother’s Day in the U.S and we know just how hard it can be to come up with the right gift idea for your Mom on her special day. We’ve already given you a selection of tech gift ideas but another great idea would be gifting your mom an Apple iPhone or iPad app. With this in mind … [Read more...]

Playboy Coming To The iPad 2 Uncensored May 18th


When you think about the way that the entire world is moving towards embracing technology and the way that books are now appearing on digital slates like the NOOK Color, does it really come as a surprise that the world of adult entertainment is too … [Read more...]

App for Kentucky Derby 2011 by Churchill Downs


At OSM we have reported on quite a few different apps for different things, some of the recent reports include the new Keith Lemon Mouthboard, some funny April Fool’s day pranks that you could do from your iPhone as well as just about everything you need to know about Angry Birds … [Read more...]

Keith Lemon App Tops The Charts In Apple App Store


For those of you who aren’t sure who Keith Lemon is, he is someone who has been around under a number of different identities but his real name is Leigh Francis. He played a number of characters in the hit show Bo Selecta and now his new show has taken the UK by storm, Celebrity Juice … [Read more...]

Android Market Set To Top App Store Before 2012?


The smartphone app battle between Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market is still raging on, but who will be on top by the end of the year? … [Read more...]

Android’s In-app Purchase- Another Child Runs Up Bill


Android implemented their in-app purchase to help users buy virtual items whilst still playing said app. It is very convenient, but can also be a curse when the kids get hold or your smartphone or tablet. … [Read more...]

Android & iOS Set To Get HBO Go App


The big American TV network HBO has announced some good news for its viewers as it is set to launch its mobile app on iOS and Android. … [Read more...]

UberMedia Plans to Challenge Twitter with New Social Network


Back in February we told how three UberMedia apps, UberTwitter, UberCurrent and Twidroyd, had been restored by Twitter following their removal due to privacy concerns. Now it seems that UberMedia could be about to challenge Twitter by creating a new social network of its own. … [Read more...]

Appy Awards 2011: Angry Birds & Facebook Winners


We have always wondered what the ultimate app out there is and now we have an idea after a special awards ceremony was held. It may come as no surprise that Angry Birds ruled the roost, picking up 2 major awards. Facebook's mobile app was also amongst the winners last night. … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 Apps: Best for Business


The iPad 2 has seen phenomenal success since its launch last month and recently we posted an article about some of the best apps available for the Apple iPad 2. This time we thought it would be useful to round up a few iPad 2 apps that are best for business use. … [Read more...]

HTC Thunderbolt & Droid Bionic: Toggle App to Disable 4G Easily


The HTC Thunderbolt was the first 4G phone for Verizon’s 4G LTE network and was much-awaited by a lot of people. However one drawback of the dramatically faster 4G speeds is a poor battery life but we now have news about a new toggle app, so that you can disable 4G easily and quickly to save on your … [Read more...]

April Fools Day Pranks 2011: Apps – iPhone’s Most Devious


OK Pranksters it’s that time of the year again where you have some time to get your own back on friends and family and they can do nothing about it to stop your cunning plans or to know what’s hit them. This is your opportunity to get your own back! … [Read more...]

Best Apple iPad 2 Apps: Ten Top Picks


Here at OSM we’ve been keeping our readers informed with many articles about the iPad 2, both before and after its release, from a review roundup to a teardown. More recently we’ve looked at comparative prices for the iPad 2 in different countries and earlier today reported that some people are … [Read more...]

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet News: Android Apps Support Confirmed


One of the tablet devices that we’ve paid a lot of attention to over recent months, is the BlackBerry PlayBook. After all the excitement over the release of the Apple iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom has started to fade, all eyes are on the release of the PlayBook. Now we have news that’s sure to please a … [Read more...]