Asus Transformer Prime tablet, the first with Tegra 3


We may have caught a glimpse of the new Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime back in October, but it was a case of hanging on for an official launch announcement. The October sneak unveiling performed by Jonney Shih, Asus CEO, at the AsiaD conference in Hong Kong whet our appetites, and now we can bring … [Read more...]

iPad 2 benefits from extra color Smart Cover range


Tablet devices are becoming increasingly popular, and none more than the founder of the touch screen slate, Apple’s iPad. Seen in its mark 2 guises, the latest version to the Apple range can be seen in virtually every area of our lives. … [Read more...]

Toshiba Ultra-Thin Tablet for IFA 2011: Credible Alternative to iPad?


Back in June we told you about the Toshiba Thrive tablet which at that time was hoped to be a serious contender to Apple’s iPad 2. The 10-inch Honeycomb tablet with dual-core processor looked pretty promising, coming in at a lower price than the iPad. However it’s fair to say that the Thrive hasn’t … [Read more...]

MacBook & iPad (2) Decals: Transformers, Batman and More


We all know just how popular each and every Apple product is, you only have to look at their iPhone smartphone market domination and tablet market where the iPad reigns supreme. Now we have something pretty cool to tell you about and it’s a way to jazz up your MacBooks & iPad (2), use decals. We … [Read more...]

Apple iPad (2): Surpasses 100,000 Apps – Can Anyone Stop Them?


There’s a number of tablet PCs on the market and the ones that seem to be pulling away at the top of the chart is the Apple iPad and the iPad 2. The iconic devices have just had some news as well; the Apple iPad (2) has now surpassed 100,000 apps… Can anyone stop them? … [Read more...]

iOS 5 Brings iPad 2 Controlled Gaming Via AirPlay Mirroring


You may have heard about Apple’s latest AirPlay Mirroring feature added on to their iOS 5, software, it was briefly mentioned at WWDC. If you haven’t then be prepared to be amazed, as this addition has got to be the latest must-have, and will no doubt boost the sales of Apple’s all conquering iPad 2 … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Release: Operation iPad 2 Takedown


The world of the tablet PC is becoming more and more competitive by the day, the current market leaders are Apple with the iPad 2 as they were last year with their previous model but there are so many in the market now it’s unbelievable … [Read more...]

Official Apple iPad Optimized Facebook App Coming Soon


When Apple launched the iPad to sit alongside its iPhone there were a few question marks raised about app optimization. When the iPad was released a number of developers were pounding their fingers on their keyboards changing their apps and releasing another version of them so that they fitted well … [Read more...]

BlackBerry PlayBook In 16 More Countries To Join Tablet War


Keen to up its position in the tablet market, BlackBerry has stretched out its PlayBook to 16 other countries outside North America. This big push is said to happen within the next month and should help Research in Motion infiltrate areas currently occupied by its main competitors. … [Read more...]

Apple iOS 5.0 Magical Preview Before Release (VIDEO)


WWDC 2011 is practically upon us and so far we have been trying to keep you as up to date with the proceedings as possible. So far we have reported on where you can watch the event and also a potentially leaked photograph of the new iOS 5.0 home screen … [Read more...]

Toshiba Thrive Honeycomb Tablet: US Release July


Just a matter of days ago, Toshiba announced a new tablet device by the name of Thrive. It is hoped to be a serious contender against the likes of Apple's iPad 2 and Research in Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook. Ok, so we know that many of you have now got or are thinking of getting an iPad 2, but you … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 vs New HTC Puccini: Price Deciding Factor


With the tablet market constantly expanding its a job to know which device to choose. Its quite fair to say when Apple's iPad tab released, it started off a trend which was followed by the Samsung Galaxy Tab and this year the Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook, HTC Flyer and so on. … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 Problem Discovered: Death Grip Antennagate Returns


When we think of Apple products certain words filter into our minds, sleek looking devices, high quality, a bit pricey and of course they are extremely popular. One problem that has certainly been an unwanted feature of the Apple iPhone 4 is the Death Grip aka Antennagate, this is an issue when you … [Read more...]

New Android, iPhone & iPad 2 App: GTA Style – 9mm


So far we have seen quite a few apps flying into both the Android Market and the Apple app store such as Angry Birds Rio and a few others that feature in our “10 Best Apple iPad 2 Apps” and also that Android will overtake Apple in terms of the number of apps in their stores … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2: Drop Test With & Without Smart Cover – Video


One thing that we love to see at OSM is things being smashed up into tiny smithereens or a device being put through its paces to see if its aesthetics can stand up to any form of punishment. Of course beating up your brand new tablet isn’t really advised so checking out articles like this will save … [Read more...]

TouchPad to Annihilate iPad 2? HP Throws Down the Gauntlet


We’ve been bringing you news on the HP TouchPad tablet device for some time now. Most recently we gave you some news about the price at Walmart where we referred to the TouchPad as a possible iPad 2 challenger. Now though it seems that HP think that its TouchPad could annihilate the iPad and is very … [Read more...]

The iKeyboard For The Apple iPad 2: Solution To Typing


The tablet PC market was once thought to be dead until Apple flexed their muscles and introduced the iPad which certainly re-ignited the flame and now it’s booming. There are lots of different manufacturers adding their own devices mainly with a Google Android operating system … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Light Leakage: Faulty LG Panels To Blame


When the iPad 2 was announced it seemed everyone on the planet was jumping for joy, however this joy seemed short lived upon the release of Apples eagerly awaited device. When the tablet PC started taking pre-orders we brought you news on the problems that were faced when using Apples website. … [Read more...]

Playboy Coming To The iPad 2 Uncensored May 18th


When you think about the way that the entire world is moving towards embracing technology and the way that books are now appearing on digital slates like the NOOK Color, does it really come as a surprise that the world of adult entertainment is too … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 Draws Huge China Crowd: White Takes Precedence


Apple's iPad 2 finally reached stores in China on Friday, expectant buyers flocked in their hundreds to secure one of the WiFi tablet devices. After such a long delay customers were hungry to get their iPad 2 fix, with scalpers swooping in to lessen the wait for those queuing. … [Read more...]

New iPad 2 Commercial: What It Means To Professionals


Apple continue to pave the way for other manufacturers by releasing great innovative devices, you only have to look back a short time ago when the original iPad was introduced into what was previously thought to be a dead market. Now their second version has been released and its popularity is … [Read more...]

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer: Supplies Run Low, Speed Up June


Tablet devices are becoming the norm these days, and as their ever growing popularity unfolds, some manufacturers are struggling to meet the demands of the new found slate lovers. Apple is one company that knows the feeling of supply shortage after their iPad 2 ran into difficulties post launch. … [Read more...]

Sony PS3 Hacker GeoHot Sets His Eyes On The Apple iPad 2


GeoHot is a name that will mean something to a few people and nothing to others, it’s the name of a famous hacker George Hotz who is the same guy that has just been dragged through the courts by Sony because he hacked his PS3 and exposed it’s Holy Grail unlock code … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5 (4S) Prototype Spotted: A5 Chip Inside


We at OSM try to bring you as much news as we can on the Apple iPhone 5 and if we are honest the majority of it is pure speculation but we are sure some of it isn’t. We have recently heard from Reuters who are one of the most reliable sources around that the iPhone 5 won’t be with us in the summer … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5: No Summer Release Is A Disappointment


When it comes to iconic devices Apple seem to make them in abundance, they are normally a step ahead of the game forcing their competitors to have to come up with new ideas. Just take a look at the number of Apple iPhones we have had, I don’t think they have had a realistic challenge in the market … [Read more...]