Apple confirms problems with iCloud Mail, iTunes and more

Apple confirms problems with iCloud Mail, iTunes and more

Apple’s services such as iTunes and iCloud down for most at the moment, it seems there are sporadic outages with no known cause of the problem. When we take a look at the Apple System Status page we can see three red triangles, which are the troubled areas. These include the App Store, iBook … [Read more...]

4OD App Available For iPhone Now- Android Still Waiting


The iPhone experience just got even better as owners can now catch up on their favorite channel 4 shows. The 4 On Demand (4OD) app has been available for the iPad since May and now the long awaited version for iPhone and iPod Touch is here. One of the most popular activities on today's smartphones … [Read more...]

iOS Owners Are Buying 61% More Apps Compared To 2010


We recently saw how Apple's App Store stormed to amazing 15 billion downloads last week, despite them failing to get an injunction to stop Amazon from trading with the name "Appstore". Even though Amazon may have been stealing a bit of Apple's thunder it has not stopped them from a roaring success … [Read more...]

Amazon Wins Battle Over Apple In “Appstore” Trademark Infringement


As you will probably know Amazon has a marketplace on their site where you can buy applications, its called the "Appstore". But wait, didn't someone else do that? Yes thats right, Apple has something almost identical called the "App Store". Its no big deal, they only got their 15 billionth … [Read more...]

Apple App Store: Surpasses 15 Billion Downloads


Like many websites around the world, we tend to keep one eye on things to do with Apple. This can be anything from rumors about the next iPhone, about the future iOS releases, jailbreaking and of course the Apple App Store. We are now hearing that Apple’s online app store has surpassed 15 billion … [Read more...]

Apple iPad (2): Surpasses 100,000 Apps – Can Anyone Stop Them?


There’s a number of tablet PCs on the market and the ones that seem to be pulling away at the top of the chart is the Apple iPad and the iPad 2. The iconic devices have just had some news as well; the Apple iPad (2) has now surpassed 100,000 apps… Can anyone stop them? … [Read more...]

Avenue App Store Now Avaliable On Windows

Avenue App Store Large

One of the benefits of owning a Mac, and a copy of OSX Lion, is the new Mac App Store. No longer do you have to go searching around the internet for legitimate copies of software, risking your computer with dodgy downloads, everything you could possibly want or need is all available in one easy to … [Read more...]

Apple New Mac OS X Lion: Will You Be Upgrading?


Just a short time ago, we gave you updated news about the new Mac OS X Lion OS, courtesy of Apple's WWDC in San Francisco. As well as this, the giant tech company have announced the iOS 5 with deep Twitter integration, iCloud and so on. … [Read more...]

Infinity Blade Update: Multiplayer & Survival Mode Added


Infinity Blade is one of the games featured on the Apple App Store that when it was released dominated the “top paid” and “top grossing” charts for people’s iPhones and iPods. Around the time of release we reported on how it was the fastest grossing app ever seen on any apple device and also gave … [Read more...]

Record Breakers: Angry Birds & App Store Enter Guinness’s Book


Its the same old suspects again... Angry Birds and Apple have broken more records in the mobile phone industry and have been rewarded by taking a place in the Gamer's Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. … [Read more...]

Android Market Set To Top App Store Before 2012?


The smartphone app battle between Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market is still raging on, but who will be on top by the end of the year? … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 Twitter App Updated: Video/Photo Capture


If you’re lucky enough to own an iPad 2 then chances are you haven’t had to go through all the drama that customers in the UK had to go through, we recently reported about the troubles people were facing when trying to order this device from the UK Apple Store. … [Read more...]

The Samsung App Store: 100 Million Download Milestone


When you think of the word ‘App’ what automatically springs into your mind? For most the initial thoughts might be to do with the Apple Store for an iPhone, for others it may be more to do with the Android Market for Android mobile phones and for other groups it may be more to do with your favorite … [Read more...]

Richard Keys & Andy Gray Quotes App Hits iPhone


With the furious heat from the sexist saga cooling down, it still looks like the companies out there are trying to milk the incidident abit more before it dies. … [Read more...]

$10,000 Apple iTunes winner: Woman in UK says no


You may remember we recently reported on the 10 billionth download from the Apple App Store, which at that time was due shortly. A countdown was ongoing and the person who made the 10 billionth download could receive a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card as a prize. We then told how the 10 billionth download … [Read more...]

Apple App Store: 10 billion downloads prize contest


Today we heard some amazing news about the Apple App Store which has seen phenomenal success since its launch. It’s fair to say that nobody could have foreseen just how successful it would be and an important milestone is about to be reached. It seems that worldwide downloads from the Apple App … [Read more...]

Apple App Store Put A Stop To “WikiLeaks” Software


For anyone who may have been watching the news over the last 2 or so weeks, will be aware of the controversial WikiLeaks scandal, in which illegal leaked classified information, such as private and top secret memos and documents have been placed on the internet for all and sundry to see. As well as … [Read more...]

Slow Down App: Aid to safe driving


Now here at OSM we do love a good innovation and only earlier today we told you about a dual-lens camera for example, the Underabove, which can take pictures of both above and below the water simultaneously. We also reported recently on the Anti-Sleep Pilot, a really clever device to stop driver’s … [Read more...]

Vacation Planning iPad Apps


Are you planning your winter vacation? If you are then you are in luck because we are going to give you some apps that will aid you in your search for the perfect location for you. Of course the apps aren’t just for winter vacations, they are for all year round … [Read more...]

BlackBerry’s UberTwitter Now On iPhone


Recently we have brought you some new apps on the iPhone such as the iFeast app for Thanksgiving and also various apps for The Ashes. Well now we are bringing you a new app for the iPhone in the UberTwitter … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Photography Apps: 10 Of The Best


As we step into a new era with the introduction of Windows Phone 7, it was obvious that the Windows Marketplace would be on the back foot when it came up against established players such as iTunes App Store and the Android Market. However this rock will start rolling and with app developers pushing … [Read more...]

Google Voice on App Store: Download Now


Previously we reported to you that the Google Voice app was banned from the app store, well guess what… it’s back again! Before it was banned it had seemed like Apple had relaxed its rules a bit for developers to create iOS apps and we wondered just how relaxed these rules would be … [Read more...]

Mac App Store: Desktop Game Changer


On Wednesday we got our first look at the brand new Macs that were shown off at Apple's event. "Back to Mac" as Steve Jobs said, was going to be on the agenda and he took everyone by surprise when announcing that an App Store would be introduced to the desktop for PCs and laptops for the first … [Read more...]

Apple allows Google Voice apps again


Just over a week ago there were new App Store review guidelines released by Apple which showed that the giant corporation was about to relax its rules for developers creating apps for iOS devices. Many of us wondered just how relaxed Apple would become but it seems the easing of restrictions is … [Read more...]

Verizon Releases It’s Own Application Store On Android

Verizon launches V Cast Apps

For smartphones, the app store is the portal to many different programs which you can install onto your phone. These applications can range from restaurant finders, to games and even to social networks. Inside of the app store, there are paid apps, and free apps, and developers can make a lot of … [Read more...]