Best Buy Offers Samsung 3D TV Promotion: Free Galaxy Tab 10.1


For those of you thinking of purchasing a 3D TV and also requiring a new tablet device this one is a no-brainer. Best Buy is running a promotion beginning tomorrow, August 21 through August 27, which will offer a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on purchase of select 3D HDTV’s from Samsung. … [Read more...]

BBC To Trial Their 3D Coverage At Wimbledon 2011


Out of all of the main broadcasters, the BBC has been the least enthusiastic about the prospect of bringing 3D to our screen's. They have been taking the sit back and watch approach, looking at how successful it has been for the likes of Sky and Virgin. The BBC has now decided to start testing its … [Read more...]

Sony BRAVIA 3D TVs NX720, HX820 & HX929 Series: Prices & Release


News of new TVs is coming thick and fast at the moment and in recent days we’ve given you news of some of the new Vizio Theater 3D TVs and also two new LG Infinia 3D TVs with pricing. Now we have more TV news for you and this time it’s for some Sony 3D TVs, the NX720, HX820 and HX929 series, again … [Read more...]

Sky Announces 70,000 3D Customers

Sky 3d

Sky has put the word out that it has now ammassed 70,000 customers on its 3D service. There were fears that due to the unpopularity of glasses 3D, the subscriptions would suffer as a result. … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS / 3D TV: Identifies Visual Disorders?


We’ve been bringing you news about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS and recent posts included one about leaked photos and video and then just a short time ago we told you more about the expected release date and how many units might be sold. We also told you previously about an advisory that had been … [Read more...]

Samsung Vs LG: 3-D TV Glasses – Different Approaches


How much have the bulky goofy looking glasses put you off purchasing a 3D TV? Sales from the last year would say quite a lot. With that in mind we wanted to report on a couple of different approaches that have been taken by two of the leading brands in television retailing … [Read more...]

CES 2011: Vudu Announces 3D Movie Streaming


Video streaming site Vudu has announced that it will start offering a 3D movie streaming service very soon. Speaking just ahead of the CES 2011 event, the organisation will be the first company to provide this service. … [Read more...]

Samsung Silhouette: World’s Lightest 3D Glasses


If you picked yourself up a Samsung 3D TV this Christmas just gone, then you may be interested to hear that the Electronics giant has just created what they claim is the lightest pair of 3D shutter glasses yet. … [Read more...]

LG LW6500: New 3D TV – No More Flickering

LG LW6500-New-Improved-3D-TV-No-More-Flickering

We have heard that LG are set to showcase a new television at CES 2011. This will be the LW6500, LG are doing things a little differently with this one. LG’s new device will be the largest 3D LED TV in the world, but of course, things could change after CES 2011 … [Read more...]

3D Vs HD TV Sales: The Numbers


With the introduction of 3D TV devices in the home, and retailers being able to discount them at an early stage, indications are showing that in comparison to HD, 3D has taken off the ground a lot quicker, therefore allowing stores to reduce their prices. … [Read more...]

Toshiba’s New Battery-Powered ‘Power TV’


With the huge explosion of 3D TV's springing onto the market, what can manufacturers do to stand out from the crowd? Well, Toshiba think that they have come up with something a little different, the new Battery-Powered “Power TV?” … [Read more...]

Panasonic Announce 103-inch 3D Plasma TV


Panasonic, the Japanese multi-national electronics company are responsible for some of the world's best products under the name of Panasonic and Technics. From the early days when it first launched in 1918, the world over has enjoyed personal TV's / Radio's and Home Appliances. But now the company … [Read more...]

2010 Black Friday: Samsung 3D TV In Sears Ad


Sears the large retail outlet has had it's Black Friday Ad leaked, ahead of it's 4am start on the day. This means that consumers have been able to view the 48-pages of deals that the company have on offer over the Thanksgiving shopping frenzy. … [Read more...]