Will Phantom Squad take down PSN, Xbox Live on Christmas Day?

One year ago during the Christmas period PSN and Xbox Live were attacked by hackers known as the Lizard Squad, and now one year on it seems there could be a reenactment but this time round from new hackers known as the Phantom Squad. It looks like they could take down PSN and Xbox Live, which could be a Christmas threat to gamers, Microsoft and of course Sony.

Phantom Squad PSN, Xbox Live Christmas threat pic 1

Lizard Squad in 2014 on its Twitter account did threaten to take down both PSN and Xbox Live and true to their word it happened over the Christmas holidays when both servers went offline.

Do you think PSN and Xbox Live will perish Christmas 2015? If there is a DDoS attack this will leave gamers offline, which is a nightmare considering how many people get new games on Christmas day. If you take a look at the Phantom Squad Twitter account right now you will see they have tweeted “Xbox Live #Offline”, is this the start of bad things to come, because sure enough Xbox Live users are having issues with purchasing and content usage.

Many gamers believe The Phantom Squad is none other than the Lizard Squad or LS wannabes. Is this the start of the hacker’s war against PlayStation Network and Xbox Live? Phantom Squad also asked it’s followers if they were ready for a great holiday, hopefully this is not a taste of what is to come next week.

Will Phantom Squad take down PSN, Xbox Live on Christmas Day