Empower your Social Media Strategy in 2016

There are many technological advancements predicted for 2016. Google is already committed to enhance the search results to provide the best experience to their users. Social media channels are all set to offer instant purchase options somewhere near the start of 2016. Are you ready to Empower your Social Media Strategy in 2016 with sure shot tips?

Social media marketing strategy is not going to be the same in the future and there will be a radical change on how marketers look at it. This guide on the best trending strategy will be handy for all social media marketing experts in 2016.

Empower Your Social Media Strategy in 2016

1. Audit: It is vital to audit your social media marketing efforts until now and how successful various elements have been to help you in achieving the desired goals. It could prove to be a tedious process if you don’t have a grasp on social media. But the efforts will bring valuable results.

Start knowing the main players? Which channels are the most instrumental in achieving your goals? What is the type of content that you are posting and what kind of reaction is each content receiving from fans and followers?

2. Aim: Out of all the components of your marketing mix, social is the most powerful one. It is one of the great tool for maintaining relationship with fans and followers, customer service, and also sales.

There is a lot that you could do with social. However, the reality is that if you just keep on posting without any target or goal, all the darts will go wasted in the dark. It is essential to set specific ROI-driven goals. Failing to do so will only leave you with less relevant KPIs such as retweets, likes, pins and only clicks.

3. Personalize: Personalization isn’t limited to use names in the content. By personalization we mean that you present information in a way that the end user feels satisfied as if the message was tailored for them only. It is all about making the content relatable.

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Social media is a place to hangout for your prospects, where they want to rejuvenate with their friends. So, you will have to present your brand as a friend of your fans who they would be delighted to see in their timeline. Rather than being a brand, your social media marketing efforts should show you as a human who wants to interact and help the community.

4. Automate: Marketing automation is the biggest revolution in online marketing and it will get more popular in 2016 as marketers will now how to balance automation with real-time content.

It will be vital for marketers to select the right tools in order to maintain a balance between the personalization of messages and automation. Initially, you could go with smaller tools rather than going with one big tool that encapsulates all the social media activity.

5. Adjust: It is good to adapt to changes, however it has to be truly effective. Your organization should move at a quick pace to keep up with the demands and trends that are in store in the future.

Marketers will need to stay nimble and adapt to the industry updates. However, if you are overwhelming your social media campaign with daily schedule of posts and tweets, you might not be able to maintain a spontaneous campaign.

No Time To Wait: It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the huge number of brands that are vying for attention on social media, however you shouldn’t be stopped by marching forward in the social media sphere in 2016. In fact, 2016 has to your year and it only depends on you. It is time to start capitalizing now in order to beat everyone else in the competition.

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