Germany vs Facebook real name policy

Germany vs Facebook real name policy is causing somewhat of a stir on social media at the moment. This comes soon after the Hamburg data protection authority reported Facebook could not ask users for their official ID, nor change users’ desired usernames to their real names.

Do you agree or disagree with Facebook’s real name policy? This is a question that has popped up a few times now, and even more so after the German regulator who polices Facebook in Germany questioned the real name policy.

Germany vs Facebook real name policy pic 1

The German regulator according to Reuters said that the police basically violates the right to privacy and said Facebook should allow people to use pseudonyms.

It started when a woman complained to the Hamburg watchdog after her Facebook account was blocked for using pseudonym. It then unilaterally changed her username into her real name.

Facebook reportedly suspends many accounts for using suspected pseudonyms, it is only when a user can prove their name it may be changed back. Hamburg commissioner for data protection and freedom of information Johannes Caspar said, “As in many other complaints against Facebook, this case demonstrates that the network wants to enforce the so-called real name policy with no regard to national legislation.”

Germany vs Facebook real name policy