iTunes Connect down and unavailable July 29

Is there an iTunes Connect maintenance happing right now? This is a question being asked because when you visit the official website you will see that iTunes Connect is temporarily unavailable and offline.

The simple message on the website simply says, “ITunes Connect is temporarily unavailable.” So our guess is, that they have shutdown the site for the summer holiday’s like they did during the December holidays or they are doing a maintenance update. When you isit iTunes Connect the URL directs you to here

iTunes Connect down and unavailable pic 1

Is iTunes Connect down for you? Customers have complained about iTunes Connect hanging and then timing out, but majority of users will see the service is temporarily unavailable. When you visit the iTunes status page you will see Connect is not affected in any way with its green light suggesting there is nothing wrong.

Is anyone aware of an iTunes Connect maintenance scheduled for July 29, 2015?

Many developers will not be able to update their apps whilst iTunes Connect is down, this may be a concern who have time-based updates.

iTunes Connect down and unavailable pic 2

  • Martin

    I never heard of any scheduled maintenance today for iTunes Connect.

  • Kieron

    Does anyone have any idea when iTunes Connect will come back online, its been unavailable for ages now and i need submit an update?

  • Karen

    Remains to be down, no news or updates from Apple. Does anyone know the reason?

  • Nikita

    Same problem. Yesterday I finished my first app and today I had planned to send it for a review… Why am I so lucky?
    BTW, how much does it usually take Connect to become available when it’s down?

  • GO

    it’s back up now