Brighthouse outage even with fast speedtest

A Brighthouse outage occurred even with a fast speedtest just a few hours ago, and customers are still having problems with their Internet and phone service.

Customers came forward on Twitter today to complain about the Brighthouse outage, where their Internet and phone service went down for a couple of hours. Things seem to have settled but it did not come without the complaints rolling in on the micro-blogging site still with a few issues occuring.

Brighthouse outage even with fast speedtest pic 2

Brighthouse has not reported any issues with services on its Twitter page as of yet. But one customer on Twitter said, “BrightHouse Internet is down.” Another said their DVR stopped working and had no TV.

One customer said over on Down Detector they had a chat with Brighthouse and they sent them over to the Brighthouse speedtest, but this showed fast speeds. But they said the speeds are not in the real world, but after pinging their modem after about q0 minutes it all started to work fine again and after an hour all was up to speed again.

If you ever have any problems and would like to check your Internet speed try because these get very close to the nearest server (yes its free).

What is your brighthouse speed test and are you still experiencing any problems with service?

Brighthouse outage even with fast speedtest