Telegram down status after DDoS attack

When visiting the Telegram Messenger website you will notice it is down and not obtainable. This is due to the Asia Pacific server being under a DDoS attack, which happened on Friday morning affecting users in Australia, Oceania, South East Asia and some parts if India getting no connection at all or very slow speeds.

The website is still not opening in many countries such as the UK, the website will not even open to the homepage. So at the moment the Telegram status is still down and not accessible.

Telegram down status after DDoS attack pic 2

Over on the official Telegram Twitter account they reported yesterday it was its third day of the DDoS on our Asia Pacific cluster of servers, it has now reached an epic scale of 200Gbps, which they say is about the same as 3 Malaysian groups on a holiday.

It is not only affecting mobile Telegram apps it is also hit desktop users as well and no light at the end of the tunnel seems close.

Telegram Messenger on Twitter also tweeted, “Everything you wanted to know about the DDoS on Telegram’s Asia Pacific cluster,” they also added a link to its blog, which no one can access as the site is down.

What are your views on Telegram still being down?

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  • Tony Hockney

    I switched from Telegram to Threema a long time ago since Telegram isn’t particularly secure (see Wikipedia).