What is Independence Day? Explained in Infographic figures

There are two answers to those asking what is Independence Day and of course, the way Americans celebrate the 4th of July in 2015. You have the more traditional celebrations and reasons for this, also the actual way people will spend today with their family and friends.

One Infographic some of Online Social Media readers will love aims to explain how most will spend today, especially when it comes to figures and percentages of people. You can see the said Independence Day Infographic below, which reveal it’s about being outdoors and a recent survey detailed what people plan to do when wishing everyone a happy 4th of July.


According to the National Retail Federation survey, BBQs will account for 65 percent of Americans plans today, or at the very least a picnic. As expected, 4th of July fireworks will also top the list with around 43 percent listing this in the survey and another 12 percent talking about parades.


What does Independence Day 2015 mean to you? Will you be eating one of the 150m hotdogs expected to be eaten today in America, or is ice-cream a must that should account for 500m gallons during Independence Day. Apparently, the budget should fall at around $72 for food spending for average consumers, but in all we should see around $6.6 billion spent across the United States. Thanks to Statista, who charted the Infographic and also see Forbes for the full enlarged Infographic.