GoEuro 2015 Beer Price Index: 4 UK cities in the ranking

It’s all well and good finding a bargain holiday, but if you end up heading somewhere super costly once you are on the ground, then the savings will soon disappear – and the trip can sometimes even work out more expensive!

GoEuro.co.uk, the coach, train and flight comparison site for travel across Europe, has launched its 2015 Beer Price Index, which outlines the better and worse value destinations across the world simply based on the cost of their bottles of beer!

Coming in as Europe’s most costly destination* is Geneva, with Hong Kong and Tel Aviv close behind.

GoEuro 2015 Beer Price Index

In stark contrast, cities including Krakow and Kiev prove altogether cheaper. Where a tenner in Krakow will get you just over nine bottles of beer, it will only cover two and a bit in Geneva.

The Beer Index proves a useful guide for holidaymakers looking to find the best value holidays this year, and perfect for those looking at costs beyond their hotel and accommodation.

One such example is Nice and Malaga – despite train and flights working out slightly cheaper to Nice (£241.28)** than to the Malaga (£283.14)**, sun-seekers can sip two beers in the Costa Del Sol for the price of one in the Côte d’Azur.

Travellers remaining loyal to England when choosing a weekend away, will find their pound will go further in cities such as Liverpool, where the average beer is just under half the cost of what city-dwellers pay in London.

Out of 75 cities worldwide, those in the UK ranked as follows:

# 25. Liverpool with an average of: £1.70
# 32. Leeds with an average of: £1.96
# 35. Edinburgh with an average of: £2.04
# 63. London with an average of: £2.92 (13th costliest worldwide)

GoEuro prides itself on helping its consumers make educated decisions when choosing their holiday from comparing ticket prices of coach, trains and flights on one site.

To see the full list, click here.

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