7 ways to promote your blog on social media

OK, so you have a blog now. You work hard to make it look good and even harder to write all that super exciting content. You hit the “publish” button and nothing happens.

No visitors and nobody care to share your latest posts on Facebook, or even give it a single Tweet. You are starting to think that all the things you read about blogging are just another myth.

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1) Make Your Content Easy to Share

This one should be a no brainer but I still see blogs without share buttons or with misplaced share buttons. People are lazy nowadays and can’t be even bothered with cut and paste. Make sharing your blog content as easy as clicking on a button.

If you want people to share your content on social media, you’ll need to make it easy for them. Make sure you have share buttons well placed on your page. You shouldn’t just stick with the default selection of social media sites. If you don’t have a G+ page and your audience is not using that platform than you can probably do without the share button for G+.

Make sure your share buttons include all the social networks, which are important to you and your audience. There are many options out there and some of them are free.

2) Include link to your blog on all your social media profiles.

Again, this one sounds like a no-brainer yet people often forget about it. Make sure all your social profiles link consistently to your blog. This will help people find your blog and send additional traffic. On same platforms like Instagram for example, having link is a bio is the only way to have a link, as there are no other options to share a hyperlink.

3) Implement Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes when you share content on Facebook or Twitter, it just doesn’t look right. The thumbnail image is not the one you wanted and it doesn’t look very good.

Open Graph and Twitter Cards are basically like your social meta tags. If implemented well your content will look more presentable when shared on Facebook or Twitter. This is a complex subject and we’re not going to get into technicalities in this post. You can read a good guide on the subject here.

4) Share Your Blog Content on Social Media

Make sure you share and actively promote your content on social media. To get any success you’ll need to have a decent following on any of the platforms you are using. In case of Facebook, it’s all a “pay to play” system. Sharing content on your page will reach only a small percentage of your followers. You’ll need to spend some money on promoted posts to reach your audience.

5) Share at the right time

In order to maximize your reach you should try to broadcast your messages at the time when the majority of your audience in online. This is especially important on platforms like Twitter and Instagram when a person’s feed moves very fast. There are tools available to analyze your audience and find out the times when they are most active. Followerwonk does a good job when analyzing Twitter audiences.

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6) Reach out and build relationships with influencers

If you’re just starting out, your social media following will most likely be very small. Sharing content only on your own social media pages/account will therefore have very little impact.

One way around it is to use paid promotions as mentioned before, but an even better method or one you can use alongside other promotions is to find and enlist help of influencers in your niche. Influencers will already have authority and a big following, and by getting them to share and endorse your content your message will be amplified.

7) Join Social Communities

Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups and G+ communities are a great way to engage with other users and promote your content. Make sure you engage and contribute to these groups, without spamming them.

7 ways to promote your blog on social media