Microsoft age guesser tool causes debates

The relatively new Microsoft age guesser tool causes debates when it comes to a persons age. Microsoft decided to have a little fun and release a 2015 build where you are told how old you are judged by your picture thanks to a little robot magic, but we are guessing it will either be loved or hated.

When visiting (Works best on mobile platforms such a smartphone or tablet) you will have the decision to use a photo from your devices library or take your own photo using the camera. This is when the robot does its magic and lets you know how old you look, please be prepared with a nice surprise or an evil one.

The algorithms do all the hard work, you provide a picture, it does the processing and you do the sitting down waiting for the answer.

Microsoft age guesser tool causes debates pic 2

We actually love the Microsoft age guesser tool even though it has a mind of its own, in that we mean it is never correct. But hey the age-discerning technology, which is applied to Bing image results will have you smiling or not – sorry.

You can as said above use this new tech tool on mobile devices, as well as Chrome, but you cannot use on Firefox. I done the test a few times and it got my age correct twice at 44, then on three other occasions with three other different photos i was 51, 52 and 54, was not happy with these results. Not once was I younger but was older, funny that.

Have you tried the Microsoft age guesser tool? This causes debates for sure, people are always discussing heavily how right or wrong this tool is.

Microsoft age guesser tool causes debates pic 1