Tokyo Star Trek building in China

Calling all Star Trek fans, this has to be the best ‘Enterprise’ we have ever seen and you cannot get more of an enterprise than the stunning Tokyo Star Trek building in China.

To build the Star Trek’s USS Enterprise building took £100 million, and now the headquarters can boost into space. Multi-millionaire Liu Dejian, Chairman of a very well-known mobile internet provider loves the TV sci-Fi TV show and movie series that much he wanted his new building to look like the Enterprise and that is exactly what he got.

Tokyo Star Trek building in China pic 2

Before readers get angry about copyright OSM can tell you it is the first ever officially-licensed Star Trek building obtained from CBS, which is as big as three football pitches.

Many YouTube videos have made it on the Internet and our favorite has to be to the 4 minute 44 second video by yanatha, which has had over 46,000 views, we love their title saying, “She’ll launch on time sir – Chinese building looks just like Star Trek’s USS Enterprise.”

Tokyo Star Trek building in China pic 3

The building also comes with metal slides reaching 30 feet from the third floor down to the ground. There have been many other videos been posted since 2014, but people are starting to make this building even more well-known thanks to online social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and video sites such as YouTube.

What do you think of the new Tokyo Star Trek building in China? Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

Tokyo Star Trek building in China pic 1