Destiny Iron Banner start date with Etheric Light

The next Destiny Iron Banner start date had been revealed a few days ago and this is June 2, 2015. This time players can buy Etheric Light during the Iron Banner event by visiting Lord Saladin in Destiny, as he will be found in a new location within the tower from tomorrow.

It’s not clear exactly what the arrival time will be for Lord Saladin on Tuesday, but it’s clear a lot of gamers are happy to hear about some of the changes since the House of Wolves update. This included the new Etheric Light currency, so some people are wondering how to gain more of this currency quickly.


Product Reviews points out some of the changes made since the last DLC released. You can get hold off Etheric Light by taking part in Trials of Osiris and Nightfall Strike weekly events, or through Prison of Elders, but from tomorrow Lord Saladin will allow you to purchase Etheric Light from him. This is possible at Rank 3 and 5.

Other changes you will notice during the new Iron Banner event include The Gunsmith now having the weapon reforging service, Rewards now cost less Glimmer, and additions to the playlists with The Cauldron and Pantheon, as well as Exodus Blue on PlayStation consoles. Will you be taking part in the June 2 Destiny Iron Banner event and has being able to buy Etheric Light helped in this decision?

It’s currently not clear if there will be a limit on how many Etheric Light you can buy from Lord Saladin. If you know the answer to that, then leave a comment.