Facebook Instant Articles and $15 minimum path

In just a few days Facebook has introduced two important features that should bring a little joy. These include Facebook Instant Articles and the $15 minimum path to all contractors.

This is most definitely the Facebook path to happiness, when it comes to ‘Facebook Instant Articles’ big names such as National Geographic, The New York Times, The Guardian, BBC News, NBC, BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, Spiegel and Bild all want to be a part of sharing news stories within news feeds on the social media network.

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Social media giants Facebook said the new feature would be for publishers to create stunning and fast interactive articles on Facebook. It is all about bringing stories to life and making the whole experience 10 times faster than the standard mobile web articles.

Instant Articles will allow users to explore high-resolution photos by simply tilting their mobile device, zoom in, watch auto-play videos, listen to audio captions and explore interactive maps. Users will also be able to comment on individual parts of an article in-line. Learn more about Instant Articles via Facebook Media.

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More good news and this one is for Facebook employees, in a new report by Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg they are implementing improved benefits and higher pay for contractors. Facebook want to support its employees and this is why they have introduced the minimum wage of $15 an hour. Those on parental leave not being paid will get a $4,000 “new child benefit” for new parents. They have also introduced at least 15 paid days off per year, all good news for those that work at Facebook.

Google introduced the minimum of $15 an hour back in April 1, 2015 and now one month on Facebook has followed suit. Good on you Google and Facebook.

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  • Simon

    Wow, is there any jobs going at Facebook. I can do driving and much more etc. I love driving and I am in the UK.

  • Lorna

    Facebook is going to clog up the newsfeed even more with the articles feature.