Destiny Banjo error code impacting sign in

Gamers are being hit with a Destiny Banjo error code at the moment, which is impacting sign in and Bungie are well aware of the issue and trying to resolve.

The Banjo error is stopping Destiny game players from signing in on all platforms, until the problem is sorted by Bungie players will not be able to sign in or if already in may get disconnected.

Destiny Banjo error code impacting sign in pic 1

Players are taking to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to vent their anger, if you visit Down Today you will see many comments coming in from players of the game and they are not too happy! Destiny players are saying they are getting the Bango error, and looking at the locations they are providing this is global not in just certain locations.

Destiny Banjo error code impacting sign in pic 2

In most of the comments over on own Today they are saying either “Banjo error’ or ‘Banjo error repeatedly,” as soon as we know more about this we will let you know. In the meantime please do comment below and let us know if you are having issues with Destiny the game.

If you know what is going on or what the Banjo code is all about this time, please do comment.

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