Tracking the Boston Marathon 2015 on social media

It was recently One Boston Day, and Falcon Social wishes to share share some insights on the buzz the Boston Marathon has been receiving on social media leading up to Monday’s big race! Thanks to them connecting with OSM there are some very interesting analysis of reach and engagement on social media with the run-up to Marathon Monday. Falcon Social, a leading social media management platform, were the ones tracking the Boston Marathon on social media to see what people are talking about most.

The Boston Marathon 2015 on Social Media

A look at the owned and earned social media successes of the Boston Marathon, as well as a comparison of the Big Six Marathons (Boston, New York City, Chicago, Berlin, London, Tokyo) on social media.

In just under a week, thousands will descend on Boston for one of the world’s biggest footraces: the Boston Marathon. Are these long-distance runners socially savvy? Let’s take a look at the Boston Marathon’s earned media (people buzzing about the race) and owned media (the Marathon’s efforts on social). We’ll then compare the Big Six Marathons’ social media presences to find who is making the most out of social media to promote some of the biggest sporting events from around the world.

Since the weekend commencing Friday 10th, the Boston Marathon has had over 54k mentions across the web, picking up an average of 318 per hour.

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Is the Boston Marathon receiving international buzz, or is it mostly of interest in the US? Diving into the query, 92.6% of the noise (which includes social media, news outlets, blogs, comments) is from the US. Canada comes in second at 1.2% of the noise. The Boston Marathon looks to be a very American race.

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A quick scroll through the #bostonmarathon hashtag, and you’ll see the Boston Marathon’s social channels are promoting a #SaturdaySubmission hashtag. The marathon has been highlighting the training routine of one runner every Saturday up through race-day. The runner’s full story is featured on Facebook, which they tease and link to from the other channels.

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Meanwhile, marathon sponsor and financial services company John Hancock is continuing to back its #WeRunTogether hashtag. John Hancock is creating a digital time capsule, encouraging users use #WeRunTogether to submit via social media. “For each submission John Hancock will donate $1 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, up to $26,200.” The hashtag is currently averaging about 137 mentions a day, but will surely pick up closer to race day when users start snapping photos.

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Mobilizing as many as fifty-thousand runners to sign up, to train, to show up at the right time and place, and meanwhile inform the city of where to watch, traffic rerouting, etc. — this all requires year-round marketing and communications for a one-day event. Social media is clearly the way to go in order to reach a marathon’s targeted demographic and keep them engaged through race-day.

Let’s look at the Big Six Marathons around the world. Which is optimizing social media the best? This includes the marathons’ parent page, World Marathon Majors.

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While the New York Marathon attracts more runners every year, the Boston Marathon has the largest Facebook audience. Meanwhile, the London Marathon has been successful lately in terms of its post engagement.

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Revealing this year’s medal gave them 2.5k likes this past Sunday.

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Boston’s page has kept steady engagement on Facebook, using a mix of content like runners’ submissions and behind-the-scenes marathon prep.

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Falcon social will keep tracking the Boston Marathon as its social media content speeds up throughout the week.

Tracking the Boston Marathon on social media