Xbox Live down confirms status for April 13

The Xbox Live core services are down today on April 13, 2015, as confirmed by a status update on the official page provided by Microsoft. At the time of writing, both Xbox One and 360 owners have had problems with signing into Xbox Live for around 1.5 hours and there’s no time for services to return, or fix offered right now. One error code being mentioned is 8015000A, but we are sure there will be many others.

We reached out to Microsoft on their official Twitter channel and received no update from this location, but users can head to the Xbox Live status page and see the latest news. Right now, you can clearly see Xbox Live is down with “Core Services Limited”. And more recently, you will notice “TV, Music and Video” is now “Limited” as well.


If you want to browse the Xbox Video and Music Store, then you might have problems today until a fix is provided. Popular games like FIFA 15, Destiny, and GTA V had players looking for server status updates, although the real problem lied with Microsoft’s own systems.

Are you still having problems signing into Xbox Live on 360 or One? Share your comments below with the nearest city, just to see if these issues are worldwide or focused to certain areas. We will update when Microsoft offer further details, but leave a comment with any error codes you’re seeing right now below.

Xbox Live members login problems acknowledged pic 1

  • annonymous

    MS can’t last much longer. Then again, thats been the case w/ WWE too for yrs apon yrs, if not 10 whole yrs, now. MS is the WWE of its intustry in many ways, although one might find that quite auguible. In any case, the MS empire is showing plenty signs off weakness in recent yrs, & is beginning to collapse. Bill Gates, Do you know you still own over 50% of MS? Maybe a new CEO or Chairman mite be a gd idea? Are u really just that damn stupid? Why are these giant fatcat CEOs soo damn stupid?