Wayin announces integration with Facebook APIs

Wayin announced yesterday that it now integrates with Facebook’s Media Solutions APIs to give brand marketers and media outlets access to public Facebook and Instagram posts within its social media search and analytics platform.

When brands are increasingly acting like publishers, it’s crucial that they understand the complete story around their brand and trending topics on social media. With access to Facebook data, brands and media pros will now be able to react to news and trending topics with relevant content in real time.

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Social networking analytics and display company, Wayin, has coordinated with Facebook’s Media Solutions APIs to give brand advertisers and media outlets the capacity to get to open Facebook and Instagram content inside the Wayin platform.

Wayin, which already integrates with public Twitter content, gives marketers and media outlets the power to discover, analyze, and display social media conversations in real time. As real-time marketing built upon social media insights becomes the norm for companies, Wayin provides the ability to not only discover relevant content across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with social search, but also act on findings in a meaningful way.

“Brands are starting to act more and more like publishers. Marketers have an interest in uncovering important social media conversations and reacting with relevant content creation in real time,” said Elaine Feeney, CEO of Wayin. “With our Facebook integration, Wayin gives them the power to do this across major social platforms. Marketers are able to find within seconds who is driving certain topics and form an understanding of the context around conversations to act on the news in an effective way.”

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For marketers, the ability to act on relevant social content is what brings social marketing full-circle to meet overall business goals. Without a way to tie social media efforts to sales, web traffic or other metrics, it’s difficult to monitor a return on investment for these efforts. Marketing customers use Wayin in a variety of ways, like with in-store screens displaying public consumer-generated content, or on owned sites that aggregate relevant conversations based on hashtags or keywords.

Similarly, news outlets use Wayin to engage and educate audiences with relevant social content. The platform gives producers the power to display viewer-generated public social content on air in real time to accompany breaking news stories.

Public Facebook and Instagram data is now incorporated into Wayin’s search bar for all users. Users can select from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter when conducting initial hashtag or term searches. All content, regardless of platform, can be used for Wayin’s display capabilities.

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