Facebook video ad campaigns vs YouTube 2015

2015 looks to be the year marketers will be more inclined to use Facebook ad campaigns rather than using YouTube.

According to a study by video advertising technology firm Mixpo Facebook video could take over YouTube when it comes to the top video ad platform. The stats in the survey show 87% plan to run video ad campaigns on Facebook; this study was based on 125 publishers, agencies and brands.

Facebook video ad campaigns vs YouTube 2015 pic 1

87% in favor of Facebook compared to 81.5% planning on using YouTube in 2015. It is not surprising at all considering Facebook overtook YouTube in total views; year-on-year the social network saw a huge 94% climb in video posts is USA alone.

When it comes to video advertising on social platforms, other names such as Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram will plan to run more video ads, which means they will not only be dominated by Facebook and YouTube.

Facebook video ad campaigns vs YouTube 2015 pic 2

For more information about the full report titled ‘The State of Video Advertising: Facebook’s Rise to Dominance‘, please do download via Mixpo.

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