Facebook not loading issues April 8

User complaints are coming in saying the news feed and notifications are not loading for them. For the last hour Facebook has been having a few issues where the news feed is not loading, many have tried logging out and then log back in but nothing changes.

Looking into this a little deeper as well as receiving emails from OSM readers it seems the issue lies with Android devices. One user said, “I can get onto the Facebook News Feed on my laptop and iPad but cannot access on any Android device.”

Facebook not loading issues April 8

Even though users are able to login to Facebook with no problems, they are unable to to see the news feed, some can but are having issues where they are not getting any videos or notifications.

Another user said, “When I login to Facebook all I see is a blank screen and nothing else.” Messenger is working fine according to our readers.

Facebook not loading issues April 8 pic 2

The main areas of concern include Chicago, Indiana, North Idaho, Iowa, New Jersey, Michigan and Wisconsin, US. Are you having Facebook problems at the moment?

Facebook is down for Time Warner Cable users

  • saiyanknight87

    Yup having issues now

  • Brandy Fuller

    yep having issues as well. I live in Ohio

  • Charlie Eilrahc

    It seems the android facebook app is the problem. Having same issues in Thailand. Browser works fine on my mobile though.

  • BigFuzzyBush

    Same issue on Android in Florida

  • Sam09

    Same issue on android in Ontario, Canada

  • Katia Helin

    Same issue in Finland

  • Rents

    Same issue, Hungary

  • Becky Barton

    Uk as well

  • leticia

    Canada , montreal too

  • ahmed

    Qatar as well

  • caryl

    I think it’s a conspiracy!

  • caryl

    Please fix it!

  • Elram

    Same issue all day in Sweden

  • Sharon Lynn

    Bc Canada too, it sucks!!

  • chris

    Norway as well

  • Mannie Watkins

    Michigan as well..no newsfeed. .or notifications

  • kittyKate

    Yes complaints here in England and throughout Europe too.

  • atalkalot

    Yep. S4 phone and Galaxy notebook. Texas

  • mel

    Yep problems all day in uk. Sort it out facebook/ android/ Samsung. Whoever it lies with

  • Ger O’Dwyer

    All day in Ireland also

  • Bonnie Burns Leupen

    In Maryland too

  • Bonnie Burns Leupen

    Even Uninstaller and reinstalled and still nothing. Husband’s iPhone is loading facebook. If I remember correctly I think yesterday I saw facebook was updating…now today nothing.

  • ashley

    I’m in wv and have the note 4 and mine hasn’t worked all morning…

  • kygirlstuckinohio

    You can add OHIO to that list !!!!!

  • Claire

    Also West Midlands in the UK!

  • Bob

    So instead of Head Down, staring at a phone, you have to go Heads Up and actually talk to people!!

    Well Boo Hoo.

    • Amber

      Wasn’t your head down, staring at a phone, while typing this?

  • Josh Lamp

    Morgantown wv… along with about 30-40 of my friends through Fairmont, Clarksburg also… same problems, newsfeed won’t load.. please fix, it’s slowing down the drama entertainment lol… but seriously… fix would be nice.

  • crazycountrygirl


  • Paul N Luana Cross

    Shinnston WV. I had the problem, reported the problem, and it was fixed a couple of hours later.

    • Heidi DeBow

      Who did you report the problem to?

  • Graci M. Hager

    Yes mine has been saying can’t load page all day. I’m from Shinnston WV

  • Marree Brown

    Been having problems with news feed auckland new zealand

  • michelle massey

    Problems in ohio too

  • Va user

    Having problem uploading photos. Also Facebook app keeps randomly closing on iPhone. – VA user

  • Heidi DeBow

    I’m in Virginia as well. My blink feed hasn’t worked for two weeks