2015 F8 developer conference live stream countdown

Mark Zuckerberg has been practicing on stage, where today he will be in front of thousands of developers at the 2015 Facebook F8 developer conference. The F8 live stream countdown has already begun and with just over 7 hours to go social media platforms are already lighting up.

You do not have to be in San Francisco to join Mark Zuckerberg and friends at F8 from today March 25 to 26, the live stream will be of the main keynote as well as other key sessions of the day. Bringing you lots of interviews live from the shows floor. You can still register now to watch the F8 live streaming video.

2015 Facebook F8 developer conference live stream countdown pic 2

By signing up you get exclusive F8 content only, the conference will be great according to sources with new updates, news and much more.

2015 Facebook F8 developer conference live stream countdown pic 1

Even Mark Zuckerberg is excited, so much so he has posted a video explaining his practice session on the F8 stage in San Francisco. Zuckerberg said they are kicking of its annual F8 developer, and will be talking about developers in the way they build great mobile experiences to serve communities.

The video is of Mark Zuckerberg and Deborah Liu who runs the Facebook platform, it also shows Ilya Sukhar (Parse).

Will you be watching the F8 live video stream today?

Facebook F8 developer conference 2015 live stream countdown