Debating Twitter autoplay videos

Do we really need Twitter autoplay videos on mobile devices? According to a report Twitter has already begun testing its new autoplay feature on iOS devices, which obviously is following in the footsteps of social media giants Facebook.

When mobile device owners open up their Twitter they will see videos playing automatically without the need of pressing the play button, scroll past the video and it stops.

Debating Twitter autoplay videos pic 2

It is all about the ad revenue, when the likes of ESPN and other big names post a video onto Twitter they will obviously come with a pre-roll ad, once that finishes the video will begin. According to AdAge one part of the two-pronged experiment will offer some users the full videos being autoplayed in loop, whereas in the other prong, the users will get to see looping 6-second autoplay previews with a tease of the video.

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When the videos automatically play they will be muted just like Facebook’s videos, and when you click in the video to open up the sound will commence. When you play a Facebook video its view counts are counted after 3 seconds, whereas Twitter’s is counted as soon as you click to play.

Back in January 2015 we reported about the Earned It video Twitter autoplay, read more about this here.

Do you like the idea of Twitter autoplay videos?

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