Solar Eclipse live UK time and viewer map

Today is Friday solar eclipse day for all those that live in the UK, and sky gazers are going to be very impressed when they see the moon passes in between the earth and the sun, which will send the UK into a dark spot.

Below is a map of all the best places to be in the UK of where it will be most visible, do not forget your solar eclipse glasses. The map courtesy of the BBC shows three colors, red being poor visibility, yellow being average and green is where you need to be if you want the full effect. @BBCWeather tweeted the map with a message of where your best chances of seeing the partial #eclipse today.

Solar Eclipse live UK time and viewer map pic 1

The solar eclipse time will start at around 4.30 a.m. EDT (8:30 AM Friday GMT), and will last around 2.5 hours.
Today will be the day the BBC solar eclipse live videos will take place, the live coverage will include the ‘Eclipse Live’ and ‘Solar Eclipse Webcam’ both starting at 9am – 10am.

The eclipse will start in Greenland at sunrise, passing Iceland and then reaching the United Kingdom by 8:45am local time. It all happens when there is a new moon and today Friday there will be a supermoon, so basically it appears to look larger because it is closer to our earth.

Solar Eclipse live UK time and viewer map pic 3

WARNING: Is has been advised by experts not to look at the solar eclipse, looking directly at the sun is not good for your eyes and even worse when trying to take photos from your mobile device.

Please let us know if you saw the Friday solar eclipse in the UK; please add your location in the comments below so we can picture our own map.

Solar Eclipse live UK time and viewer map pic 2