Followers campaign from Twitter Ads

Research shows 70% of followers provide free word-of-mouth advertising through Retweets and 43% will make multiple purchases in the future. As you gain more followers, you create new opportunities to drive more of these actions each time you Tweet.

A followers campaign from Twitter Ads can help you accelerate this effect. To create a campaign is simple and you only pay for each new follower. There’s no formula that keeps your followers from seeing your Tweets in their timelines, so you’ll have unlimited opportunities to engage with your community over time.

Followers campaign from Twitter Ads pic 3

The question is: Do you use Twitter Ads to accelerate followers?

Statistics show that 70% of respondents retweet because they like a business’s content, 60% of respondents have purchased from a SMB because of Twitter and 30% lift in recommendations after a respondent follows and SMB (Small Business).

Followers campaign from Twitter Ads pic 1

It is always good to gain new followers on your Twitter, but some say let them come naturally and others believe in giving it a little push with Twitter Ads. Some believe it is all about the “Followers Campaign”.

Small businesses do need that extra push to open the doors to more customers, and it can do no harm at all to use Twitter Ads to give that push needed to accumulate more followers.

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