Chia Hong vs Facebook in discrimination claims

Facebook is being sued by plaintiff Chia Hong on the grounds of damages arising from sex dicrimination, discharge in violation of public police, sex harassment, race/national origin discrimination harassment, retaliation, as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress, injunctive relief for attorney fees and costs for punitive damages.

Chia Hong filed a lawsuit in San Mateo County accusig Facebook of the above charges on Wednesday. She worked for the social media giants from June 2010 where she was then fired in October 2013.

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The claims say she was punished and belittled for taking some time out of work to volunteer at her child’s school.

Fortune reports that Facebook has denied the allegations. A law firm representing Ellen Pao in her sex discrimination suit against a Silicon Valley venture capital firm is representing Hong. Pao’s case began last month and has since generated a lot of social media and news attention.

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The lawsuit states plaintiff Chia Hong vs. Facebook, Inc, Anil Wilson and DOES ONE through Fifty, inclusive defendants.

Chia Hong vs. Facebook

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