Steam is down with a connection error

Hundreds of gamers are reporting to us that Steam is down with a connection error, which means those trying to login cannot access online and use the services like they normally would.

No one is sure why the digital download store is down because no official release or statement has been made on its website or through their social media channels.

Steam is down with a connection error pic 1

The Steam Store website is fully up and running and the service status pages says all is up and running, but yet gamers are coming forward saying Steam is down. Without Steam gamers cannot purchase and download games, they cannot save games online either.

Steam is down with a connection error

A few are coming forward saying their Steam account doesn’t exist, most cannot even login. One user said they tried to sign in and then waited like 15 minutes before being told they cannot connect.

Are you having problems with Steam at the moment? Please do use the comments and let us know.

Steam Store down error July 27 pic 1