Facebook refund lawsuit after children spend on gaming

Facebook is reportedly facing a class-action lawsuit where refunds from the social media platform for parents after their children spent their money on Facebook games without permission.

The lawsuit is to do with children playing Facebook games where they spend money on in-game purchases by using Facebook credits.

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It was in 2012 the lawsuit was filed, where two children and their parents are contending. It was said Facebook allowed children to use their parent’s money via debit and credit cards to buy credits. But the parents were refused any kind of refund after they complained. Facebook Payments took over Facebook Credits in 2013

The class lawsuit could include hundreds of thousands according to the ruling of U.S. District Court Judge Beth Labson Freeman. It seems the plaintiffs in the class are not allowed to chase after refunds as a group, and this is simply down to the amount in refunds would vary and be individual. This is why parents can seek individual refunds as reported by Reuters.

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Reuters also reports that one mother allowed her child to spend $20 on her credit so he could play “Ninja Saga,” but it turned out the child spent hundreds of dollars on purchases. The child though he was using in-game virtual money. Another child spent $1,059.

Do you think Facebook will win or lose the class action lawsuit?

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