Apple iTunes, Support down with server temporary unavailable

Apple iTunes is down at the moment on March 11, 2015 with server temporary unavailable issues. Dependant on the country you are in you may see different messages.

In the UK when users tried to access iTunes there were be prompted with the “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the UK Store.” In the U.S, when users tried to login they got the ‘server temporary unavailable’.

iTunes, Apple Support down with server temporary unavailable pic 1

If you visit Down Detector right now you will see many Facebook comments coming is from iTunes users, one said “Nice to see it is not just me….but nothing on Apple’s own status page!”

But all over social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, users of iTunes are not happy they cannot sign-in to their accounts.

iTunes, Apple Support down with server temporary unavailable pic 2

Even when you visit Apple’ support page, this is also down as well.

Are you having issues accessing iTunes and the Apple Support page?

Facebook Messenger is down on March 13 pic 3

  • jijoya

    Same here (Bulgaria). Since I stumbled onto this issue, I’ve got every iTunes message quoted above. I’m also having issues signing into the Mac AppStore. Depending on the OS X version, I get either the beach ball spinning eternally (Mavericks), or STATUS_CODE_ERROR in red, underneath the login name field, right in the dialog box (Yosemite). There’s a first I didn’t think I’d ever have to live through. It’s damn inconvenient because I’m trying not to miss a one-day Numi 2 sale, but as it’s been hours now, I’m afraid I might.

  • Debbie

    I can’t even use apps that I already have downloaded on my iPad. It prompts me for my Apple ID and when it fails to work it closes the app. YouTube, Netflix, and all my game apps do the same thing.