Cox Internet outage status in multiple locations

Cox Communications customers are not to pleased at the moment because they are suffering a few issues with its services. It seems Cox Internet and phone is down in multiple locations.

The Cox Internet outage status seems to be down at the moment for a many customers, who have come forward saying they cannot connect. One user said they couldn’t access Netflix because you need Internet to watch its content.

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Others have notified OSM letting us know both their Cox Internet and phone service are down, one customer was so angry saying, “Why on earth do we pay good money for a poor service.

If you visit Down Detector the Facebook comments are coming in rather rapid, one particular user said the Internet being down is the least of their worries, but their phone is out as well.

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Another couldn’t understand why they were paying for Ultimate when he can barely use the Internet with Cox. One question popping up a few times on social media platforms is, “Sort your services out Cox or lower your prices.

Are you having Cox Internet and phone problems?

Cox Internet outage status in multiple locations

  • daveainthere

    Instead of saying I have cox internet I now say I have sux internet.

  • Diane Demp

    Constantly have to re start router — held hostage here in nola because of deal nola politicos made with Cox –so cant get another internet company hint: former runaway from Katrina to island paradise and now inmate at some fed prison was executive for COX before becoming Mayor — that explains the poor choices of 2 entities : Cox management and the citizens of nola . Now to get Cox to tell me what in the heck is going on with the router and other problems with their service etc.

  • Diane Demp

    Oh lost the name of that runaway from katrina mayor, now federal inmate former Cox executive —NAGIN !