Destiny weasel and caterpillar error codes pop up

Destiny servers seem to be down at the moment according to reports on Twitter; the main issue we can see is to do with weasel and caterpillar error codes.

One Twitter user said they were playing Destiny and then all of a sudden he got weasel and caterpillar error codes, he also got a message saying his servers may be down.

Destiny weasel and caterpillar error codes pop up pic 2

Another Destiny game player said he received a ‘server connection error’, when they tried playing the game online but his other games work ok when playing online. At the moment the Destiny servers seem a little sporadic, no official updates have been released so we suggest this is just an individual glitch.

We here at OSM asked a few friends to fire up the game to see if the servers are down, and 6 out of the 8 we asked so far are reported all is well and no server’s problems.

Destiny weasel and caterpillar error codes pop up pic 3

What we have seen over the last few months is Destiny gamers asking Bungie to sort out the servers; there have been a fair few issues of late.

Are you having Destiny server problems?

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  • paullus420

    The server issues r constant and annoying it makes a game that it is so fun to play just down right absurd, and it only seems to happen on friday through the weekend, Destiny please fix these bs server issues so that we might actually be able to enjoy a game that can only be played the way it was intended to be ONLINE!!!!!! I am extremely tired of receiving error message after error message – weasel -canary – centipede – baboon, just to name a few. I hope to see someone who will actually do the job and get this issue remedied.
    Thank you ,

  • Jureidini

    Bungie has shown total disregard of its players with this one, at a time like now when Iron Banner comes around get ready to see the Weasel and Caterpiller show their heads.