Xbox Live is down with 360 sign-in issues

Complaints are coming in very fast indeed on social media site Twitter, Xbox 360 gamers are saying when they try to sign-in to Xbox Live they are getting the ‘Temporarily down’ message on screen.

The Xbox Live status page has acknowledged there is a problem; they are aware Xbox 360 gamers are having difficulties signing into Xbox Live and are investigating.

Xbox Live is down with 360 sign-in issues pic 2

Over on the official @XboxSupport Twitter page they mentioned that they have a service alert up for the issue, with an added link to the Xbox Live service status page.

Majority of 360 owners basically said the same thing in their tweets by saying. “I cannot connect to Xbox Live on my 360, it is saying, “Xbox Live content is temporarily unavailable.”

At the time of writing this article the service still seems to be down. Is Xbox Live down with 360 sign-in issues for you?

Xbox Live members login problems acknowledged pic 1