FIFA 15 online squad check error March 6

Many gamers are getting the FIFA 15 squad check error on multiple platforms, as far as we can see this includes the PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

This problem has been going on for a while today with no fix as of yet, if there has been one we have not seen any official updates.

FIFA 15 online squad check error March 6 pic 1

One PS4 gamer said that when he tried to enter FIFA 15 seasons online he got a play match error, where there was a problem with online squad check and that he had to try again later.

We have tried looking into a little more but cannot find any official details as of yet – Are you still having FIFA 15 online squad check error today on March 6?

FIFA 15 online squad check error March 6 pic 2

Read what people have said over on EA Answers HQ.

FIFA 15 online squad check error March 6

  • Alan

    Yes, problem is the same!!!!

    • Brendan

      I went into customize and hit reset all squads, bottom right option, then when I tried getting online it redownloaded squads and worked.

  • Qasem Salameh

    Yes i do

  • omar

    YES ans it’s really annoying

  • Lord_Emmanuel9

    I’m still having that squad file error

  • ryan

    i can play only in my first match after running the game. The error comes after second match. This happen to me after updating last monday.

  • David Grandt

    Yes, and today is now the 12th of March. I’ve deleted the game, and reinstalled it. I’ve done everything imaginable with my modem / router. FUT works, but I don’t play FUT.


    • Adult Stewie

      this happened to me yesterday and today and I played a game in the afternoon yesterday then now it’s not working -_-

  • Frank

    still the same problem… wtf is going on???

  • Jibreel

    How to solve this … Help plz

  • Jibreel

    i Guess for MEA this issue

  • Ayo

    Same problem

  • gtz18

    I have the problem on my account, but somehow i can play when i switch to a diffrent account with the same ps4. its freaking annoying

  • Juan

    Still happening..ea is a joke..might end up buying pes

    • Carlos

      Hell nah tf? Lmao

  • Juan

    It’s gotta be fifa 15 cause I played 14 with no problem

  • Josh

    What’s happening can’t play online on Fifa 15 keeps saying there was a problem with online squad check.please try again later

  • Craig Martin

    I am having problems getting online to play FIFA 15… PS4

  • MKhalfaouimehdi

    Gents ate you able to connect to fifa 15 online ? I m getting same error message ” there was problem with the online squad check. Please try again later” since this morning !

    • Anonymous

      Go to customise, enter profile, delete matchday squad and online squad

  • Dotman

    This worked on ps4. Delete and restart the console

    • victor

      U are a boss, it WORKED!!!

  • Kingtoby

    Getting the same error aswell… Tried adjusting date/time. Deleting online / matchday squads… Nothing

  • Wi

    This is a joke why do we pay all this money to be ripped off. They should have to compensate us when stuff like this happens.

  • asdf

    YES! Same error message came up yesterday and then again today!
    Is EA Sports aware of this BIG problem!?

  • sal

    just download the new sqaud and it will work

  • Henk

    Tried it(it says it was up to date), still the same problem, am I missing something?

  • Alexandre Giovetty

    Guys… had the same problem about 5min ago and I solved it by going to:
    Customize, Reset all squads and then download updates, then it worked.

  • kane

    Reset all squads . Rest ps4 . Went on seasons and it started to download update for squads and now it works . Wooop

  • hattrick719

    Reset squads it worked for me!

  • luchio

    Enter in ultimate team mode…start a game…it will download “online squads”…then it works.before that i deleted all my online squads in customize area….

  • jaydoteye

    Thanks for the suggestions. None worked, but I went to download CustomiseEdit TeamsDownload Updates….it says no connection, but wait till the % counts up to 100%. Then my online access started working again.

    • Mario

      Geniussssssss!!! This worked for me!!!

  • RichardS

    Tried everything, all these “solutions” don’t work for me. Clearly it’s a bigger problem than just resetting squads etc. I can access FUT but am unable to play seasons. This has been like this now since the 18/03 and I’m getting close to going to any EA offices and throwing my copy of FIFA straight through their window! What’s most annoying is they are yet to officially post any comment on these issues, I mean surely a week is enough to fix an issue like this? Keeping quiet makes them look worse and it’s infuriating to play a game one day and the next the full online game is downed. Time to order PES.


    EA!!!! FIX THIS NOW!

  • Fitzy

    I went to customise and then edit team it has a download latest squads the message came up as it download bit it works now again

    • Chad

      This worked did it myself just now.

  • Armando

    Reset squads then download squad wait for 100 percent then continue

  • StevenW

    I deleted match day squads and online squads, rebooted but no change, then I deleted online squad customisation and then downloaded latest updates. An error shown but you could see the percentage bar beneath and it downloaded and said successful. Then i could play cop op seasons again

    • xpider777

      This worked perfectly

    • Zafi

      :( I get a error that they arent any updates of squats with no dowloand bar and I already delete the previous ones and reset my ps4

  • luke

    Found solution well this worked for me. So go on customise then edit teams then reset all squads
    Hope it helps.

    • Edison

      Yes,it worked.

    • Marwan

      thanks dude

    • Political

      Love u

  • Dan

    I had to delete the Fifa ultimate team update that took place on March 21st and it worked to them stupid udpate

  • Darren Yann

    Update the sqaud then reset the squad. It’ll work.

  • mohammed

    i have this problem for a while now and i tried many things but nothing changed, i will try to reset the squads and i hope it works. thanks

  • Marck

    Throug the past month, I have had a problem When I try play online, on my ps4.

  • Trige8380

    i still have it 16-04-2015

  • Miguel Diaz

    I have this problem too -_-

    • Political

      Go to costumise / Edit teams – reset all squaDS – then download it again

  • Carlos Murillo

    Reset the squad it helped me

  • Enrico Lopez

    still is not working for me …. getting annoyed

  • Chris M

    Still not working on Xbox one! What’s joke!