Drive your business from Twitter

In today’s world we cannot traverse the fact that social media plays a significant role to sustain a business in the market. Many entrepreneurs are missing opportunities to develop their business because they are not aware of its effectiveness & worth in business growth.

Every business needs a social media presence to get directly in touch with the audience and get more customers. Social media is being very open and active, if you keep the transparency and get connected for a bit you can grow your business through popular social media sites.

Speaking of social media popularity & potential to generate business I precisely like to mention Twitter here, which by far the most used user-friendly platform of promoting yourself & your products. Our popularity is depending upon how frequently we are getting user’s traffic from such trendy platform. If you properly manage the social media then it could get you the maximum ROI and here I figured out some ways to follow, which could drive business through Twitter.

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To be noticed

Twitter recently added feature to get noticed by auto expanding the images in your post. So use this feature and post image with text content so that the audience will notice you and they will dig into your services. Your followers will click on the image to see what you are exactly wanted to convey to rest of the world. As a result, you can initiate your line of business towards your customers & get in touch with many relative users in future.

Make productive Bio

Everybody wants crisp & remarkable bio, which can make a good impression on any sort of user. It will be your first impression and single chance to catch the attention of user towards you.

Write short and productive keywords to your bio, along with a URL, which helps SEO experts in performing online branding. Mention of the single precise word who are you and contact details which increase the authenticity of your account.

Include Retweet (RT)

Re tweet on those tweets where someone mentioned your blog content. This is a great way to get your blog related tweets retweeted. You can ask your followers to retweet or RT your content. It definitely increased your popularity among your target users as well as in followers. This one is very productive if you are having blog site.

Thank Your Loyal Readers

You can send tweets directly to your customers, followers using ‘@usernames’. It is very important to thank your followers in regular intervals so they can engage with you for a longer period of time. They appreciate the mention and it might just get your tweet retweeted to their followers too. Also mention those who commented and are a regular part of your activity, this way you can show your loyalty and stay connected with them.

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Don’t Forget Hashtags

Its powerful way of open-handed your tweets the ability to become more visible. It’s been used to connect with twitter user beyond just your Followers. This all comes down to what’s trending when you Tweet but don’t post with too many Hashtags as that will make a negative impact towards the traffic. Use relevant hash tags in your tweets so that it will not affect readability of our updates.

Put Questionnaires

Twitter community is very helpful in providing information & solutions, which need extra attention. So let them tell you what exactly you need to do. Include question, which tells more about the problem, which need advice from others. This will also encourage followers and other users to be a part of a good cause. You can mention a few of your regular followers and also tag relative community to drive their attention towards your tweet. The user wants involvement in any interesting subject.

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Be Active

It’s the most common mistake people/businesses make that after a few days they become inactive and lose followers’ interest, as a result your followers find someone else to look into. You have to be active. When you start, it’s easier to engage with people & increase count of followers. As you grow by the time, you need to build a strategy to interact in an impressive manner. Your followers wait for our post on daily basis & envy your activities on regular interval so it’s better to keep them with you instead of losing them.

Post Undeviating

Twitter having character limits so it’s very vital to write crisp and important relevant content, which gives loud and clear message to your followers.

You need to get to the point within 140 characters limit including media files & links too, which by the way also considered in characters limit. Keep your caption, comments, inquiries & links concise which still being easy to read. In short you need to provide concentrated information with the least character count.

Buy Twitter Followers

‘The more Followers you have, the more people will hear you out’. Getting more followers could take you to several business advantages like increase traffic to your website, knowing central audience & their requirement, more chance to engage with your fans and followers and most importantly provide you sustainability in this competitive era of social marketing business. Purchasing more followers you will get attention & influence your audience. Unlike other social networks, twitter is normally comprised of celebrities and people of great influence in society like artisans, musicians, politicians and actors. If you notice each one of them have a high volume of fan following. For instance, Lindsay from New York was just a normal photographer until she purchased 10K active twitter followers than she got a call from the New York Time Magazine for the position of the head of photography and Lindsay is still working in there. So, buy twitter followers are very common and it does give you a competitive advantage over your competitor.

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Use Cheat codes

Use Cheat code like #AutoFollow and #TeamFollowback hashtags on search option and start following people who so appear in the result. By this people follow you back automatically, hence you got tails to manage. Using Cheat codes, one can easily get instant followers, which will build a trust level, & you can address to your audience anytime. The only problem with this cheat code is that you will see the Spam posts in your feed which is not a major issue as an active user you have to deal with them anyhow.

OSM would like to say a massive thank you to Gaurav Sharma the founder of Antipull & Redesign Case and an Online Marketing-Tech writer. He has expertise in SEO, ASO, CRO, PPC and other parts of Online Marketing fields. He is an enthusiast and love to explore new stuffs. You can check him out on Facebook and Twitter or mail him personally.

What are your views on Gaurav Sharma’s views on driving your business from Twitter?

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