Sporadic issues take Google Hangouts down

At the moment it seems sporadic issues has taken Google Hangouts down, the instant messaging service from Google is not playing right at this given time and users are not too pleased.

Google Hangouts allows users to send text and video messages for free, many users of this service are coming forward and letting OSM know that they are having issues connecting, and when they do all they are getting is a “Connection Error.”

Sporadic issues take Google Hangouts down pic 1

Most of the issues are happening to those trying to connect to Google Hangouts on desktop, which means the server is having some downtime.

One user said they tried to connect and all they got was Connection Error. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet and try again.” Other users said the same was happening to them.

Sporadic issues take Google Hangouts down pic 2

Other people are having other Google issues at the moment as well, some are saying they cannot access their Gmail; others cannot get into the Google Play Store. Other issues with Google at the moment include sign-in problems, error code 5.

Are you having any problems with Google Hangouts or any other Google services?

Sporadic issues take Google Hangouts down pic 3

  • Lmoneyfresh

    I am and everybody at my employer are having issues with it today.

  • Daviljoe193

    I’ve had issues with Hangouts on the desktop no matter what platform I use. It might have to do with the absolute hell that my Google Plus account went through, but oddly enough, the Android app works perfectly, though on any other platform, it simply doesn’t work. throwing network errors, which is 100% wrong. I’ve given it a whole damn 24 hours to connect, and everybody seems to be silent on the situation, so I guess I’m stuck using it exclusively. :(

    • Daviljoe193

      As a side note, other people have been able sign in just fine through my devices, so that’s how I determined that my account is to blame, though that’s just unacceptable how a username can break everything. ]:(