YouTube Downloader vs alternative TrackSaver

One of the best sites to download videos or music from YouTube is YouTube Downloader, but another service by the name of TrackSaver is hot on its tail. Even though Google will not like this at all and we can understand that considering they own YouTube, it does not stop people wanting to download content to there desktop etc through any browser.

YouTube Downloader has had a lot of social media coverage where people take to the likes of Facebook and Twitter to ask questions, vent out their anger when something goes wrong. But one thing noticeable more than anything else is one question, which is “Are there any YouTube Downloader alternatives out there?”

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When it comes to YouTube Downloader, which is the most popular around the world, it takes a simple click of a download button to save any file to your drive, once it has been downloaded you just double click the executable file and job done.

People like to do this because there are no viruses, spyware or malware, it is 100% free, no ads when watching the video, slow internet will not slow the downloaded video etc.

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Now for the YouTube Downloader alternative, the new downloader called TrackSaver also allows you to save your best YouTube video with a single click of a button. This downloader can be installed onto any browser and allows you to download video and audio from YouTube in popular formats such as mp4, avi, mov, which then allows you to convert to mp3.

Do you prefer YouTube Downloader or its alternative TrackSaver?

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  • Lyna

    good app

  • VideoDownloader

    Download WSHH/Vine/Youtube vids to MP3/MP4? Use VideoDownloader(.)IO (Works for porn sites too!)

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      Thamil move