Yahoo Mail is down with server failure

March 2, 2015 is not a good day for those trying to access their Yahoo Mail; complaints are coming from users over on Twitter saying that that Yahoo Mail is down with server failure.

Yahoo Customer Care @YahooCare has not tweeted nothing about Yahoo Mail being down today on its main tweets page, and even in the ‘Tweets & Replies’ section there seems to be nothing substantial to say there is a ‘mail server failure’.

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One Twitter users said they are angry because Yahoo Mail has too many problems, another said “How many times will Yahoo Mail go down this month?” Most of the issues surrounds getting emails on desktops, receiving them on mobile devices seem to be ok for now.

Is anyone else getting Yahoo ‘Mail Server Failure’?

Yahoo Mail is down with server failure

A few users are getting the can’t be found error message pop up, with a few getting ‘Error 14’ according to ‘’.

If you are having Yahoo Mail down problems please do leave your issue in the comments below with your location.

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  • Ed

    Not working in Connecticut

  • very upset


  • Melinda

    Yahoo mail Not working in Alabama

  • cizix

    Not working in San Diego

  • N H

    Have not been able to access email all day, from my location in metro New York area. Getting “Temporary error: 2”. I’m logged into Yahoo (I can access Notes, for instance) but can’t get email via Firefox browser nor the Yahoo Mail app on my iPhone.

  • andthem

    Down all day in virginia.

  • Jackie Bonelli

    Down all day, this is why I’m transferring as much as I can to another email address. So over Yahoo and their problems.

  • Fawn

    not working in nc

  • Susie

    Central Ohio…
    Mine came on a while ago but just long enough for me to look at 1 email then it crashed again. Making me crazy!

  • Steve

    Yahoo e-mail has been down all day for me, but Calendar/Notepad etc. has been working fine.

  • Susie

    No service! I sell on eBay and
    I know I have disappointed customers.

  • AV

    Yahoo mail has been mostly down for me all day today. Very disappointing and frustrating that there is no direct information from Yahoo Support on issues, status, ETA for resolution etc.

  • Ed

    Still Down in Tenn.

  • Lee Powell

    Indiana. I can get on my email account but on the very same desktop my wife is getting the f4004 error when she trys to get on her Yahoo mail. We live near Fort Wayne and Frontier is our ISP. Her laptop seams to be okay. Did Yahoo hire some guys from Syria or Iraq? Yahoo better get this straight soon or we will go to Google or Hotmail.

  • Brian

    Charlotte, nc cannot access yahoo email

  • mandy b

    Been down for 9hrs + in Pittsburgh, PA. Multiple computers, multiple browsers, no end in sight.

  • Frank

    I have not had email all day here in S.W.Florida.

  • jeffrub

    Now some mail is coming through with no content. Then it won’t connect to yahoo. Now server error message pops up again. This has been an all day issue that is really annoying. I hope that they get it fixed soon, or at least post something that acknowledges that they are even having a problem and working on the resolution.

  • Ella Young

    Haven’t been able to receive mail on my phone, my lap top, or my desk top. It’s one thing to have a problem, but it’s entirely another to pretend the problem doesn’t exist. Get your act together Yahoo, or you’re going to lose a lot of users to a competent mail program.

  • soon to be ex-yahoo user

    no yahoo email access all day, can’t work. no email on laptop, phone, nothing, and not one acknowledgment or message from yahoo about how long it is expected to last.

  • IllinoisJim

    Email has been down, or only able to open for about 5 seconds all day. (Chicago area)

  • june

    On my laptop, I can get to my email account but I cannot open any of the emails, this has been going on for two days. Ridiculous

  • Kristi Rosenbaum

    I can’t acess on PC or phone.
    And then phone starts working and says I have nothing in my inbox when I had 9 very important email notidixTions sent to my phone!

  • Otter

    No access on phone or computer

  • Brooke

    no access on desktop-VERY slow access on tablet, sometimes. In MA. frustrating, to say the least.


    Los Angeles, CA. Not able to access my emails, get the F4004 error. So annoying.

  • Svin

    In Canada. Same error message. Cannot access email on any device.

  • esm

    For a few days now I have not been able to access emails on my computer (Macbook) but am able to see them on another computer (PC). The bar across the top to send, delete, etc. isn’t appearing. in Virginia Beach, VA

  • Eyez

    No email’s since Sunday nite..all files show empty…this sucks!!

  • Bailey

    Can access email on mobile via Safari browser, but exchange hasn’t connected or updated on my phone for almost 24 hours. All folders show as blank, including Inbox. Restarting phone, deleting and adding mail exchange account did not fix the problem.

  • NYCss

    First it was my iphone, then my laptop. I cannot access my yahoo mail at all now. YAHOO PLEASE FIX!!!

  • Brown Fox

    Yahoo mail should tell us what is the problem and how long it will take to be fixed,

  • Brown Fox

    I am not able to send email using yahoo’s SMTP server, login or mail web pages. This sucks.

  • Jim Osterman

    Google mail stays up. Hell, AOL mail stays up. WTF Yahoo?

  • Llinda

    my yahoo has been down for 2 days now. In Florala, Alabama

  • Lisa

    Can’t access email on my iPhone, but can on my desktop through Mozilla Thunderbird.

    • SusieQd

      I am having the exact same issue – nothing can be received on my AT&T Iphone for “@ymail” address yet my other @yahoo” are fine. I can receive/send from my laptop. In Texas like this since Monday

      • Lisa

        Yes, Florida down since Monday too :(

  • Worried

    I can’t get Yahoo mail on my ipad2. Suddenly stopped working. The page is blank, but the account info seems fine. I erased and re entered the info, opened and closed mail and iPad etc.don’t know what to do. This problem is about ten days old now,

  • Teresa

    My yahoo mail is working crazy! I didn’t receive any incoming messages all day and noticed that all my sent mail has gaps in it…there is one email from yesterday…not the others I sent…and then nothing again until January 6th. I need these emails to conduct my small business. What is happening and what can I do to get these emails back.

  • John

    Waiting for an important email right now. I Usually receive crap messages by now so I emailed myself and others and nobody is getting them.

  • R

    Still down in Chicago no mail since Sunday

  • boral

    Waiting for a confirmation email and still haven’t received it. Feeling anxious.

  • vkmo

    I have been waiting over 1 hour today and Yahoo email is simply hung-up and giving me no response. I’m signed in, but can’t go to calendar to check my today’s schedule, or read my emails. WOW!!!! THIS IS BAD!!!!!!

    • vkmo

      I’ve tried Yahoo’s email and Internet Explorer email. I’m hung up for over 1 1/2 hours in both places.

  • dott spain

    had problems with yahoo mail for 2 days now -uninstalled the app – unblocked it but now the yahoo app says not compatable to my samsung tablet. now got no app. any help welcome.

  • Bindi

    Why can’t I get my yahoo up and running been four days now, stupid that I can’t get it up on my internet, come on yahoo team sort it out ASAP !!!!

  • Joanne Khaw

    I having problem to log into my yahoo acc. error of Can advise how I can solve this ?

  • Mahmoud Muhammad

    I still have this error

  • Mary goodale

    I’m in Deming, NM My Yahoo has been down for days

  • Carlos Jearmy

    Yahoo Customer Care 1 855 777 1707 Toll Free Helpline.