Destiny server problems with Marionberry error code

Today on March 2, 2015 Destiny gamers are seeing server issues with the Marionberry error code attached. It seems the error message is popping up on multiple consoles such as the PS3, PS4 and Xbox.

Gamers are already taking to Twitter complaining of the Marionberry error code they are getting, one said, “Marionberry errors are stopping me from playing my Destiny, I cannot even sign in.”

Destiny server problems with Marionberry error code

@BungieHelp just added to its Twitter account that players are getting Banjo, Marionberry and Drum errors, and that they are looking into it right now.

Normally when you get the Marionberry error it means there is a problem with network setup, it could mean there is a WiFi issue or when network settings have been changed etc.

Destiny server problems with Marionberry error code pic 2

One gamer believes Destiny servers could be down due to 1.1.1, where there is an invisible technical problem.

Are you having Destiny server issues?

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  • Techrival

    Yeah.. this blows. I have a little bit of time before I gotta leave the house and I just want to slay some guardians. Marionberry is not my friend.

  • Splenda

    Network errors for who im sending this from my xbox one internet explorer…..bungie needs to get their game together both figuratively and literately…..

  • Destiny Kush

    have tried to sign in like fifty times in the past two hours with nothing but this marionberry crap, was so pumped for some control until this, bleh, bungie smells

  • Laura

    i was playing destiny for 20 mins before it kicked from game with stupid Marionberry error! OMG two hours later and i still cant play

  • Spencer Wells

    Having issues was gonna buy the house of wolves dlc but f this carp. No. Destiny Fuckin sucks seriously.