Destiny server status today monitored by social services

There are a number of websites online that have gained in popularity for tracking gaming uptime, such as Is Down Right Now, which receives reports about the Destiny server status right now directly from gamers.

The Destiny game has a number of error codes on all platforms and this includes PS4. These don’t follow the normal error code format, as seen with the PS4 firmware, so you need to find out what each error name would mean. This again is helped by websites that receive a lot of feedback when servers are not working correctly, and another one of these status update services is Down Detector.

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Each week an Agent of the Nine appears in Destiny to sell different items and hard to attain Exotic weapons, the Ice Breaker has been desired in the past, but arrived a couple of times within the last month. This format means thousands of gamer’s head to Destiny at 9AM in the UK to see the new Xur location, as such sometimes the server’s buckle under pressure.

Are the Destiny servers working for you today and if not, what problems do you have? If you have found the new Xur location, then let our readers know where Xur is today on Feb 27. If we see any official updates in regard to the servers not working, then we will update this article.

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You can also track the Destiny server status directly on the official Bungie website at this page, which is thanks to a community leaving updates in their forums. This is a very active area; so if you prefer not to use the likes of, then head to Bungie’s own status pages. They will show a red bar at the top of every page when server issues take place.

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