Rail budget 2015 live updates via Twitter

Railway minister Suresh Prabhu even though he has not updated his Twitter account presented his first Rail Budget. The highlights of the Rail Budget 2015 are now in and it has even started to trend on Twitter.

Trending very high on Twitter at the moment is the hashtag #RailBudget2015 and live updates are still coming in on the micro-blogging site. The main highlights can be found in list format over on The Times of India, some of the main highlights include going paper less with its new facility of e-ticketing as well as no increase to railway passenger fees.

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Suresh Prabhu also highlighted that bio-toilets will be replacing 17,000 current ones, a new all India 24-7 helpline number will become effective, as well as a new service called ‘Operation 5 minutes’, which will offer passengers who are travelling unreserved the option to buy a ticket within 5 minutes.

Railway investment will also be increased to its overloaded railway network to Rs 8.5 lakh crore ($137 billion); this is based on the next 5 years. Tracks will be upgraded and faster trains will be introduced.

Under the hashtag #RailBudget2015 you will see updates as they happen, many people have taken to Twitter to share how they feel about the Rail Budget. One user said, “At least they didn’t increase the fares. Otherwise you would be crying. criticizers.”

Rail budget 2015 live updates via Twitter

What is strange is that Suresh Prabhu’s @sureshpprabhu Twitter has not yet been updated and he is the Minister for Railways, Government of India, New Delhi. Maybe he is just too busy to update with new tweets! He could have appointed someone to update with live as it happens tweets. However you can get up-to-date information via Ministry of Railways @RailMinIndia.

What are your views on the Rail Budget 2015 so far?

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