COD PS4 problems hit with Havoc DLC

It first seemed like today would be a great day for PS4 and PS3 owners that play Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, which is due to the Havoc DLC going live with zombies as well. This isn’t the case for everyone thanks to COD Advanced Warfare problems appearing for PlayStation gamers, although the issues come in different forms with some wondering what file to download from three different options totaling over 15GB, or server issues after installing PS4 update 1.11.

There are plenty of other problems with OCD Advanced Warfare today as well, which include not only server bugs, but also getting the Havoc DLC to download in the first place. This has been explained on a number of blogs, and certainly by thousands on Twitter and Facebook.

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Both Product Reviews and Down Today have readers reporting glitches, which include an editor speaking about the 3 Havoc DLC download files here. Or, the server outage website talking about a number of problems with the first DLC on their status update page.

Gamers are not happy at all and majority are really upset with the ‘different version 1.11’ message. People are asking the same question, which is “What is this server is a different version 1.11?”

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Looking at the comments alone over on Down Today gamers are having issues playing online matches, they have downloaded the new update for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and when they go online into a lobby this is where they are seeing the ‘server is a different version 1.11’ message.

Are you having COD PS4 problems with Havoc DLC?

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  • dre

    Help please I purchased all maps months ago have had AE4 and Widowmaker since BUT I had only one download to do did it BUT says I DON’T have HAVOC?

  • Deez

    Purchased dlc months ago and says I don’t have it ??? If I don’t have it why did I pay 50 bucks for nothing ??

  • Ricardo Gutchi

    dre I have the same probelema that you have.

    Can anyone help us solve this

  • Azhar Ebrahim

    There was 6 files but it oy alowed me to download 3 which equaled 15g. Two of the files keeo saying waiting to install.