Yahoo Mail down with login Error 14

Yahoo Mail is seeing a few issues at the moment with users complaining of an ‘Error 14” message when they try to login. It seems there is a technical glitch and apparently users have to try reloading the page after a few minutes.

Yahoo Customer Care @YahooCare has acknowledged a problem after users have complained on its Twitter that they could not login to their emails.

Yahoo Mail down with login Error 14  pic 1

They said they are aware Yahoo Mail users are having problems and apologises to those who have been affected. They are now working very quickly to fix the issue.

One Yahoo Mail user said they keep getting an “Error 14” pop up when they try to login, it seems when users try to follow steps it still shows the error. Another user said maybe it is about time people changed their emails to Gmail and then work could possibly get done.

Yahoo Mail down with login Error 14  pic 3

Other users say they cannot access their emails, not even folders or their inbox is accessible. A few areas listed so far seem to be in Newport, Washington, Columbia, Chicago, New York, these are just a few of the areas where users cannot access Yahoo Mail.

Hopefully Yahoo Mail will be up and running soon – Are you having problems accessing your emails, and are you getting the `Error 14’?

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  • Otter

    I’ve been trying to use it on my iPhone, it doesn’t even update my mail over it in the app.