Facebook’s privacy policy violation vs. EU laws

Facebook is apparently not conforming in the right manner when it comes to its ‘privacy policy’, the latest news reports the social media giants are in violation of European law even thought they updated its privacy policy.

As reported by the Guardian, the Belgian privacy commission has found that Facebook’s privacy policy is in violation of the EU law. The report here conducted by Centre of Interdisciplinary Law and ICT at the University of Leuven in Belgium states Facebook still violates the European consumer protection law.

Facebook’s privacy policy violation vs. EU laws main pic

This is even after Facebook updated its old practices and policy; apparently the report says the social media giants to not meet the requirements for legally valid consent.

It is very hard to stop Facebook collecting information on users locations via its smartphone app, unless they stop location access on all phones within its operating system.

Does Facebook really place too much burden on its users?

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Of course Facebook uses a number of user-generated content, but this is for location base, and commercial purposes. Users can tinker with settings but these are too complication to opt-out, everyone has to admit that FB has one of the most complex web of settings than any other social media platform.

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